Younger in a couple of minutes: 5 life hacks how to make skin smooth and radiant — everything is easier than you think

We share habits that will definitely be useful in skin care.

Моложе за пару минут: 5 лайфхаков, как сделать кожу гладкой и сияющей — все проще, чем вы думаете

It’s no secret that many of us dream of a beautiful natural glow of the face. But cosmetics designed to moisturize and even out the skin do not always work. A simple and effective solution will be the introduction of a number of useful habits into the daily routine.

Drink plenty of water and introduce a diet rich in antioxidants

Your diet is where skin care begins. According to the researchers, there is a potential link between water consumption and skin condition. Drinking excessive amounts of water probably won’t help and may even be dangerous. However, a normal amount of liquid consumed per day will definitely lead you to smooth skin and a healthy body.

Including foods rich in antioxidants in your diet is another easy way to achieve a natural glow of the skin. You should pay attention to foods such as berries, walnuts and grapes, which will help you replenish your reserves of trace elements called polyphenols.

Wash your face regularly from dust and sebum

Regular cleansing of the skin is an important part of the care. Bacteria, sebum, dust and dirt must be removed before using cosmetics. If you have clogged pores, other products that you use will not be able to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.

Моложе за пару минут: 5 лайфхаков, как сделать кожу гладкой и сияющей — все проще, чем вы думаете

Clogged pores can not only prevent the absorption of other skin care products, but also cause rashes. Daily cleansing will help ensure the penetration of the active ingredients of moisturizers and serums. It is important to use a mild cleanser. It should not dry out and tighten the skin.

Do not miss the sun protection

Sunscreen should not be underestimated. It is important that it be the main element of your morning skin care. In addition to protecting against sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging, using sanskrit will help you achieve the desired skin radiance. When you are in the sun, your skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can accelerate the aging process of cells. We recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply it every two hours. For very fair skin, it is better to buy a cream with a protection factor of SPF 50. Moisturizing components are often found in sunscreens. Such a tool will not completely replace care, but it can become an additional source of hydration.

Try cosmetics containing vitamins

Some products contain active ingredients such as acids and vitamins. One of the main vitamins that you should pay attention to is vitamin C, which will help in the production of collagen, protect the skin from free radicals that contribute to the appearance of signs of aging, even out the tone of the face and get rid of age spots.

Моложе за пару минут: 5 лайфхаков, как сделать кожу гладкой и сияющей — все проще, чем вы думаете

Vitamin E is another component that can play an important role in obtaining the desired radiance. It moisturizes and restores the skin from burns, damage and irritation.

Another ingredient to pay attention to is vitamin A. It stimulates cell renewal, reduces fat production, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Use face masks

Masks are a quick and effective way to give your face freshness and radiance. Now there are many of them: clay, hydrogel, alginate, fabric. There are plenty of options for any budget. For example, fabric masks will nourish the skin well, and clay masks will clean the pores and prepare the face for further care. Masks can be combined with each other to achieve the desired appearance of the skin. But the huge advantage of masks is in the quick action. Also, high-quality products work for a cumulative effect, that is, with regular care, the quality of the skin will significantly improve.

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