Young and beautiful: how we imperceptibly age the skin

You can spend hours every day on massages and creams, but you will not achieve the result. What is the reason?

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Ask any celebrity what the secret of her excellent skin is, and they will tell you that it’s all about a good night’s sleep and two liters of water a day. Despite the fact that both of these points often predetermine the entire appearance, the care ritual should not end there. We tell you what else needs to be done.


Have you noticed small pimples on your cheeks or irritation on the bridge of your nose? Blame everything on your mobile phone and glasses, which you, we can bet, have never wiped with antibacterial wipes in your life. On frequently used items, bacteria multiply at an incredible rate, and dirt accumulates by the ton, although we may not notice it. Do not forget to disinfect things that directly touch your skin. And don’t wash your hands more often. And it’s better to keep them away from the face altogether, otherwise you risk regularly detecting pimples and black dots on the skin.

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Food restrictions

Do not think that only fatty, harmful food and sugar harm beauty. Healthy foods and “proper nutrition” can also cause rashes. This is especially worth remembering when going on a restrictive diet. Excluding any group of products from the diet, make sure that the necessary vitamins and minerals do not go with it. Try to find an acceptable replacement for them, so as not to discover your face one morning as you have never seen it before.

Scrubs and washcloths

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

In the cold season, our skin is more prone to peeling. Due to moistened air, temperature differences and lack of vitamins, various cracks, dryness and roughness may occur. Noticing such problems, the first thing we do is run for super-effective scrubs and brushes, which mechanically relieve us of annoying peeling. The truth is that after such procedures, although the skin seems smoother and more attractive, it becomes more at risk of inflammation. Already stressed skin can react sharply to rude interference in its habitual rhythm of life. What to do? First of all, remove all rough scrubbing agents until better times. Secondly, start with extreme hydration and nutrition. Thirdly, pay attention to soft exfoliating lotions and serums that will treat your skin as carefully as possible, while delicately eliminating keratinized particles.


Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Bleach breaks the lipid barrier, which is responsible for retaining moisture in the epidermis, and, as a result, the skin becomes dehydrated. You probably know the consequences of lack of moisture: dullness, loss of elasticity, acceleration of the aging process. However, it is in your power to prevent this. Choose a pool in which the water is disinfected with ozone or an ultraviolet installation, do not swim with makeup, but apply a nourishing cream to the skin before swimming, and then wash thoroughly and moisturize the skin with your favorite remedy.

Dirty brushes

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Washing makeup tools after use is a mandatory ritual. Brushes and sponges store not only the remnants of cosmetics on themselves, but also, when reused, they transfer various bacteria to the skin, which multiply rapidly in such an environment. As you can guess, all this leads to inflammation and bad skin. Do not do this, wash the tools after each application.

Giving up the shower after sports

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Sport is great . Workouts are important for health and appearance, but they can also bring us some discomfort, or rather your skin. Yes, toxins leave the body with sweat, but drying up, it clogs the pores, causing blackheads and pimples. It is extremely important after active physical exercises not just to take a shower, but to thoroughly cleanse the skin, thereby preventing the appearance of many problems.

Ignoring body signals

Your body is a perfect system that instantly reacts to the slightest changes. If you do not follow the signals that she regularly gives you, then you risk being at the broken trough or in the doctor’s office. Rash on the cheeks? Think about what you could have done to deserve it. It’s winter outside. Do you deliver a sufficient amount of necessary trace elements to the body? Follow the signals and react to them immediately, including analyzing your lifestyle. Among the brightest “beacons” are dryness, irritation, pimples, dandruff, peeling nails.  

Молода и прекрасна: как мы незаметно старим кожу

Hot water

When you take a shower or bath, make sure that the water is not too hot. This is contraindicated for our skin. Hot baths with almost scalding water are very stressful for the skin. The consequences can include irritation, redness, loss of elasticity.

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