Women’s metaphysics: what signals our body gives (and how to decipher them correctly)

The human body is very wise. And if it does not communicate with us in Russian, it does not mean that there is no dialogue. Often we miss signals, suppress them with pills and do not want to pay attention to the root cause.

Женская метафизика: какие сигналы подает наше тело (и как их правильно расшифровать)

Modern medicine is aimed at eliminating unpleasant symptoms, not at correcting the core. Pharmaceutical companies were on the crest of the wave, releasing new drugs one after another. But if we turn to the origins of women’s diseases, then we can catch the relationship of health with emotions. Pathologies are often based on psychosomatics. Daria Milai, a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, author of books and innovative psychotherapeutic methods, told how our feelings affect the body.

Metaphysics of women’s problems and diseases

Today there is a message that a woman should be strong. A lot is required of her: to go to work, to fulfill the duties of a mother, wife, and sometimes a leader. The desire to conform to social attitudes generates a subconscious rejection of femininity, a denial of the feminine principle. But the body does not accept this realization.

Some women avoid men, having a negative experience with the opposite sex. They carry resentment, the experience of disappointment. The body reacts to these thoughts and conclusions with diseases and other negative consequences. Most often in women, psychosomatic causes underlie pathologies of the genitourinary system.

Женская метафизика: какие сигналы подает наше тело (и как их правильно расшифровать)

How to correctly identify the “signals” that our body sends

Such a common problem as cystitis is the result of suppressed unexpressed anger. Social attitudes prohibit openly showing negativity. With the help of the disease, the body sends a sign to take responsibility for your feelings, learn to talk about needs, build a dialogue with others and with yourself. It is necessary to understand your own expectations and close them so that life proceeds comfortably and harmoniously.

Women often have problems with the menstrual cycle. Normally, this process is painless. If unbearable pain occurs, the cause in the field of psychosomatics may be an unfriendly relationship with the mother.

Mom is the first ideal, the standard. If there is a theme of grievances experienced, active hatred, the connection with the inner woman is blocked.

Another common disease is thrush. Some cannot cure it for many years. The signal that the body sends us with this state is awareness of its own purity and perception of the surrounding world as a nest of debauchery and dirt. A woman blocks sexual relations with a partner. She regrets her lost innocence and wants everyone around her to perceive her as immaculate. An adequate response from others, as a rule, should not be, especially if a woman is aged. But the body tries to convince the opposite.

Thrush can be associated with violence, resentment, conflict situations. The woman continues to live with the childish attitudes that her parents planted at a young age. If a girl grows up in a family where she is the only sister and there are many brothers, there is a ban on sexuality subconsciously.

Sometimes thrush is a suppressed competition with a mother who has a second marriage or an unstable relationship with her husband, a non-verbal message to conceal her femininity. In this case, the disease goes into a chronic stage.

Женская метафизика: какие сигналы подает наше тело (и как их правильно расшифровать)

Among the diseases characteristic not only for women:

  • Breast diseases. They arise when a person denies himself spiritual, valuable nutrition, does not know how to protect his interests and puts the needs of others first.

  • Herpes is an unspoken bitterness, a ban on verbalization, an unconscious desire not to fulfill their duties.

  • Excess weight is the need to be protected, self-denial, a suppressed desire to achieve what you want. The root cause is abusive parents with high demands, when children experience severe stress being near them and get stuck with experiences. In adulthood, they cannot get rid of this oppression and attract the same people into their lives, thereby destroying themselves even more.

Is it possible to change the metaphysics of the organism?

The first thing to do is to work out aggression and anger, to allow yourself these feelings. You can learn to cope with aggression and negativity in an environmentally friendly way with the help of psychological techniques or sports.

It is important to understand your own fears, negative beliefs that do not allow you to feel like you belong to the family, the female line. This work is carried out in the field of psychology and attitudes, according to which you choose the path, your manifestation, form relationships. It is necessary to restore the balance of masculine and feminine principles, to forgive parents. If you can’t do it yourself, you can seek help from a specialist.

The body is constantly sending us signals. If you learn to listen to them and work on yourself, you can significantly improve the quality of life.

a certified psychologist, the creator of the unique course “Women’s Energy Metaphysics” and the Russian women’s community “Red Bee”.

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