Without pain and suffering: how to do hair removal at home (plus 5 ways to avoid irritation)

We tell you how to properly do hair removal at home in order to achieve the perfect result and avoid injury, and also share a list of necessary tools.

Без боли и страданий: как правильно делать эпиляцию дома (плюс 5 способов избежать раздражения)

Home hair removal is not the most difficult process that can be learned, however, due to lack of experience, an unfavorable outcome is possible, ranging from soreness to bruises and injuries. How to get rid of unwanted hair on your own and at the same time not to harm yourself, we understand our material.

Today, there are a huge number of products on the market that can be used to get rid of excess hair on the face and body on their own. These are special creams, wax, and ready—made wax strips for epilation, and even electric and photoepilators – the choice is so wide that it is not easy to understand all this variety. Here it is important to decide which method is right for you, and then proceed to the choice of tools or devices.

Wax strips

Без боли и страданий: как правильно делать эпиляцию дома (плюс 5 способов избежать раздражения)

Wax strips are the simplest and most common means for epilation at home. On the one hand, they are as easy to use as possible — the wax has already been applied to the strip, and therefore you do not need to heat anything, mix and apply it to the skin with a spatula — thanks to which the process is incredibly simple and fast. On the other hand, wax strips can be ineffective on some parts of the body, as well as with insufficient length and density of hair. In addition, when using strips, allergies to the components of the product may occur, as well as irritation on the skin.

Waxing and sugaring

Без боли и страданий: как правильно делать эпиляцию дома (плюс 5 способов избежать раздражения)

These types of epilation are similar in principle of action — warm wax or sugar paste is applied to the desired area of the body, and then removed with a sharp movement (only in the case of wax, the hairs are removed against hair growth, and in the case of paste — according to growth) — but they differ in the main “ingredient”. In general, many women prefer these types of hair removal, because they are affordable, simple and effective. At the same time, with the help of wax or sugar paste, it is possible to remove unwanted hair on hard-to-reach areas of the face and body, and the quality of epilation is much higher than, for example, when using wax strips. However, in order to successfully carry out the procedure, you need to practice and “fill your hand”.


Без боли и страданий: как правильно делать эпиляцию дома (плюс 5 способов избежать раздражения)

Electric and photoepilators are also very popular among fans of home care. The electric epilator captures the hair (a big plus is that even thin and short hairs are captured) and, as a result of the movement of the internal discs, removes it along with the follicle. With all the effectiveness of electric epilators, they also have a significant disadvantage — strong painful sensations. However, those who use it regularly, note a decrease in unpleasant sensations after several procedures.

How to choose the best way and avoid negative consequences?

When choosing a method of epilation, it is worth relying on your preferences and financial capabilities — you can try different types, compare the result, sensations during the procedure, side effects. But whichever way you choose, you need to follow the list of universal tips that will help get rid of unwanted hair quickly and safely:

  • Always carefully study the instructions, whether they are ready-made wax strips, sugar paste or an epilator.

  • Prepare the skin — it should be clean, dry, without cosmetic residues. If desired, you can also use a scrub before epilation.

  • To reduce pain, you can use special ointments, creams and gels, but it is important to carefully study their composition and conduct an allergic test.

  • The procedure should be postponed if there are irritations, cuts, rashes, burns, hematomas and other injuries on the skin.

  • Experts recommend epilation in the evening — during the night the irritation on the skin will subside without causing unnecessary unpleasant sensations during the day.

Без боли и страданий: как правильно делать эпиляцию дома (плюс 5 способов избежать раздражения)

When you have decided on a suitable method of home hair removal, it is time to buy the necessary goods — in this matter it is important to rely on quality, study the composition and follow the recommendations. We have collected a selection of cosmetics and devices that will be useful to you.

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