Without a stylist: how Kate Middleton dressed before marrying the prince

Sparkling tops, bold mini skirts and low-waisted jeans are just the tip of the iceberg. We show what Kate had to give up for the sake of entering into a royal marriage (and what scandalous outfits the Duchess hardly misses).

Без стилиста: как Кейт Миддлтон одевалась до брака с принцем

Just a few years after her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton became a true icon of British style, the heroine of a generation followed by millions of girls around the world. She easily combines a couture Alexander McQueen dress and things from the mass market, wears a Zara necklace on the carpet, shines in feminine floral dresses and pumps and equally elegantly combines jeans with sneakers. Having learned from her own mistakes, she has become a real ambassador of the classic dress code, who knows how to satisfy the preferences of the discerning Queen and ordinary Britons at the same time.

Now she not only easily wears restrained dresses-coats of bright colors in the image and likeness of Elizabeth II, but also does not give up mini, tight silhouettes and dresses with open shoulders. However, before Middleton got the most enviable groom of Britain for her husband and started working with a whole pool of stylists and designers, the girl was the owner of a much more modest wardrobe, in which simple white tops, relaxed jeans and dresses with psychedelic prints were side by side — all that now perfectly illustrates the trends of the noughties and 2010s.

Без стилиста: как Кейт Миддлтон одевалась до брака с принцем

Kate Middleton with her father on the eve of graduation at St. Andrews University, 2005

Без стилиста: как Кейт Миддлтон одевалась до брака с принцем

Kate during a walk in Chelsea, 2007

Of course, the fashion of that period is strikingly different from what is relevant now, so some of the most radical fashion experiments of the Duchess can still be forgiven, referring to the trends of the past decade. We show how Catherine wore jeans with a low waist that were relevant in the 2010s, colorful dresses with psychedelic prints and country style. 


Although Catherine had already met Prince William in 2005, during this period her outfits were noticeably more relaxed. One typical example is jeans with a low waist, an accent belt and a white top with thin straps. Now we hardly imagine Catherine in such an outfit, but then it was this formula (with an addition in the form of a cardigan made of fine knitwear) that the future queen consort wore most often. At the same time, she actively experimented with country style – one of the favorite trends of British aristocrats. By the way, now the Duchess continues to be inspired by relaxed suburban looks and wears jeans, vests and cozy knitwear quite often.

1/4 Skate at the Gatcom Park Festival


There are five years left before the coveted status of the Duchess. Already at this time, she began to actively attend polo matches — an entertainment that attracts Catherine even now. However, earlier the girl appeared in more open outfits. Middleton’s favorite outfit is a dress with a halter collar and an impressive neckline, complemented by wedge sandals. And although Kate’s shoe preferences have not changed much, now she still rarely allows herself outfits with a deep V-neck.

In the same year, Catherine and her parents appeared at the Sovereignty Parade. The event implies a more formal dress code, so Catherine chose a classic fitted scarlet coat and a massive black hat with a voluminous decor. Comparisons with Princess Diana were not long in coming: in a similar color ensemble, the Welsh appeared in 1984.

1/5 Kate supports William at the polo match


Now it is impossible to imagine the Duchess of Cambridge in a club and with a cocktail — but you can enjoy such Middleton’s exits by looking at the photo chronicles of 2007. In February, the Middleton sisters spent an evening in the city and visited the cocktail bar and the Mahiki Club. Kate dressed for the party in a silk dress with a handkerchief print and an impressive neckline. Although club life is now banned for Cambridge, this outfit (in an ensemble with more relevant accessories and shoes) looks stylish even now.

1/7 Kate and her younger sister Pippa at a party at the Mahiki Club


Kate is increasingly being followed by paparazzi, not giving her a pass, while Prince William is in no hurry to propose. During this period, Catherine’s schedule includes more and more events that are already familiar to her now: polo matches, formal outings with the royal family and horse racing in Cheltenham. Her style practically does not change: the same tight-fitting cardigans, dresses with abstract ornaments and fedora hats.

1/6 Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle


One of Kate’s most popular ensembles for attending the weddings of friends and loved ones is classic overcoat dresses with an A-line skirt, so her love of conservative outfits is not only a consequence of the Queen’s influence. To appear at the celebration of Nicholas van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton, the prince’s girlfriend also chose a favorite ensemble – an embroidered coat dress, dark blue pumps and a matching hat.

1/3 At the wedding of Nicholas van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton


In the final of 2010, the long-awaited triumph of Waity Katie, as she was nicknamed by the British for waiting too long for a proposal, came: the couple shared the news about the engagement and the upcoming wedding. The Duchess’s intuition did not let her down, so all year she appeared in outfits that the royal family would definitely not be able to find fault with. However, such a desire to look conservative is not only the order of the royal family, but also the style that, as it later became obvious, really attracts Catherine the most.

1/4 at a polo match in July

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