Wine “diet”: what one glass of wine is capable of before going to bed

Can’t lose weight in any way? Scientists have found a way out: according to the latest data, a glass of wine before going to bed contributes not only to a good mood, but also to weight loss.

Винная «диета»: на что способен один бокал вина перед сном

In July 2015, a group of researchers from Washington State University made one amazing discovery: it turns out that due to the presence of a substance called resveratrol in the composition of wine, this grape drink promotes weight loss. The cherished connection can be found in red wine. Once in our body, it triggers a chemical reaction to turn “white fat” into “brown fat”, which is much easier to burn.

Another discovery should also be mentioned, although it was made a little earlier, namely in 2012. Then scientists concluded that a glass of wine drunk in the evening reduces appetite, dulling the feeling of hunger and thereby reducing the amount eaten before going to bed (what will happen if you do not eat at night, you can guess for yourself, but we will clarify: fat on the sides definitely becomes less).

Винная «диета»: на что способен один бокал вина перед сном

However, before happily uncorking a bottle of wine with you, we are obliged to write about the negative consequences of this method of weight loss. The same scientists, without denying the benefits of the drink for the figure, clarify that alcohol in excessive amounts adversely affects the health and beauty of your body. So, in some cases, the harm from wine may exceed its benefits.

It is also important to emphasize that the production process of some wines is such that during the maturation of the drink, useful substances can evaporate or filter out, then the effect of “harmony” from such alcohol can not even be expected.

However, resveratrol can be found not only in wine, but also in blueberries, grapes and strawberries. We assure you that in these variants, the hit will be one hundred percent, and only an allergic reaction can be expected from the negative consequences.

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