Why you want to eat all the time: the 10 most common reasons (but they are easy to overcome)

When the refrigerator beckons at any time of the day, and the numbers on the scales are not pleasing, a question arises in front of you. Why, well, why do you want to eat all the time? Is there really no simple way to get rid of the obsessive desire to have a snack once and for all?

Почему вам все время хочется есть: 10 самых частых причин (но их легко побороть)

Alas, there is no magic pill or diet. Your weight depends only on yourself. However, eating behavior can and should be taken under control. It’s only worth first figuring out what causes affect your “wrong hunger”, forcing you to sweep away cakes, salad, and steaks with dumplings.

Reason 1. Disorder with health

Perhaps the most important cause of a physiological nature is diseases and a malfunction of hormones. Wolfish appetite wakes up with diabetes. People with Parkinson’s disease do not know how to control meals. People with hyperthyroidism and helminthiasis are trying to eat for the future. So first of all you need to consult with doctors, take some tests. Self-diagnosis in this case will not help, but only harm. If there is nothing wrong with the body, consider other reasons for your desire to eat constantly.

Reason 2. Lack of sleep

If you have given up on a healthy eight—hour sleep, then welcome your new companion – constant hunger. Scientists have proved that a person sleeps — the body produces the hormones ghrelin and leptin. The first is responsible for hunger signals, the second for saturation signals. If you spend less than 8 hours sleeping, then the level of ghrelin increases, and leptin decreases. And, of course, you eat, but the feeling of satiety does not arise. On the contrary, ghrelin pushes to eat more, even more! So make it a rule to go to bed no later than 23:00 or 22:00 and sleep 8 hours prescribed by all scientists and doctors.

Reason 3. PMS

Yes, the insidious premenstrual syndrome is also tied to hormones. In the female body, the amount of estrogen and progesterone increases, but the level of serotonin decreases significantly. And serotonin is not only a hormone of good mood, it also affects a lot of processes in the body. Including eating behavior. That’s why in PMS you want pickles and chocolate at the same time, and in general, more snacks with not very useful products – chips and sweets. But weight fluctuations of 1-1.5 kg in premenstrual syndrome are a phenomenon that fits into the norm. If you are worried about your weight, replace snack foods. Use fruits instead of sweets, vegetables and cottage cheese instead of chips.

Почему вам все время хочется есть: 10 самых частых причин (но их легко побороть)

Reason 4. Thirst is everything

Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger and begin to overeat, instead of just drinking water. But its symptoms are easy to identify! Add to hunger parched lips, flaky skin, a feeling of tightness on the face — and here you have a real thirst, which is treated with clean drinking water, but not food. And some doctors advise drinking a glass of water half an hour before meals. This way you will definitely reduce the risk of overeating.

Reason 5. Alcohol and coffee abuse

Stronger drinks and coffee in an immoderate amount are poison for the body. In addition, they dull the sense of control during dinner or a feast. Remember how you consume more snacks under wine or beer than your stomach can hold. In addition, pickles and marinades only foster hunger, and with it a sense of guilt. So reschedule your coffee for the morning, and strictly dose alcohol.

Reason 6. A lot of sugar

Sugar is food for the mind, but also fast carbohydrates. Advertising is deceitful: a chocolate bar is able to satisfy hunger, but not for long. Literally in half an hour you will want to eat again. Fast carbohydrates are called that because they are able to fill you with energy, but only for a short period. So use this emergency help wisely. But it’s better to give preference to complex carbohydrates — avocado, cheese, nuts and seeds, yogurt. And don’t neglect breakfast.

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Почему вам все время хочется есть: 10 самых частых причин (но их легко побороть)

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Reason 7. Family eating habits

If your family likes to eat a lot and satisfying, and you were forced to eat almost forcibly in childhood so that the plate was clean, then this habit will pass with you into adulthood. It is difficult to break family traditions and foundations, but it is possible to revise the diet and the amount of food consumed. The main thing is to have patience and time. It is difficult to fight against parental attitudes, but if there is a burning desire and willpower, then victory will be yours.

Почему вам все время хочется есть: 10 самых частых причин (но их легко побороть)

Reason 8. Stress and jamming of emotions

It has been proven that a person eats more under stress. However, not everyone. Stress affects someone in such a way that appetite disappears. But most often stress and negative emotions get stuck. And a chocolate cake and three pizzas with a kilogram of rolls both do not criticize and calm down. Plus, you secretly dream of having a certain weight in society in order to prove to all your opponents that you are wow! Some dreams tend to come true, however, without metaphors, but in the literal sense. So try to figure out the root cause first, to extinguish stress and negativity, and then to start rebuilding the power supply.

Reason 9. Praise

Sometimes on the Internet there are such tips from the section how to praise yourself to your beloved. You won the contest — treat yourself to cake and ice cream. We defended the project in front of the boss — champagne to everyone! Etc. But food should not become an incentive for joy and a consequence of success. Just think about what will happen if you start praising yourself more and more often, celebrating your successes with snacks and alcoholic beverages. This will result in incorrect eating behavior and extra pounds.

Reason 10. Banal boredom and TV series

A person is so built that he does not tolerate boredom. At this time, he needs something to occupy himself. And this is something that most often becomes food, and far from the most useful. Well, cinemas have taught us all to eat while watching a movie. Therefore, it is not surprising that at home you use popcorn, nachos and foam drinks for TV shows. But everything is solved simply. Your favorite hobby helps you from boredom, and you can watch TV shows with yoghurts and healthy cottage cheese with fruit. If, of course, you take into account serial snacks in your meal schedule.

Почему вам все время хочется есть: 10 самых частых причин (но их легко побороть)

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