Why you can’t sleep with your head to the window and five more sleepy prohibitions that work

A large number of superstitions are associated with sleep. However, many of them are not devoid of rational grain — we understand why.

Почему нельзя спать головой к окну и еще пять сонных запретов, которые работают

On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips on how not to sleep, as well as folk “superstitions” on this topic. Surprisingly, many of them are really true, and given them, you can make your sleep as comfortable as possible. We talk about the most popular of them together with blogger, TV expert, Member of the Women’s Assembly of the Parliamentary Club Tatiana Sorokina.

You can’t sleep in a room with a lot of plants

If during the day, in sunlight, plants produce oxygen, look beautiful in the interior of the room and please the eye, then at night everything is not so joyful. Without sunlight, plants begin to breathe in the same way as humans, with the help of oxygen, and produce carbon dioxide. So for a good sleep, it is recommended to either take out your favorite flowers from the bedroom at night, or open the window to ensure a constant flow of oxygen.

Do not sleep with your head to the window

Почему нельзя спать головой к окну и еще пять сонных запретов, которые работают

This superstition has been living in people’s memory since ancient times. According to the sign, evil spirits climb into the windows during sleep, which can get into a person’s head, after which trouble will not pass. Of course, if you are a superstitious person, there is enough reason for you not to sleep with your head to the window. But there is an additional disadvantage, especially for lovers of fresh air and open windows: it is very easy to catch a cold, to freeze your neck due to a draft. So it’s better to put this sleep option aside, too.

Don’t sleep in the light

Surely you have come across the fact that your parents told you as a child: “Don’t sleep in the light!”. Then it might seem like a typical superstition, but no: this advice has a scientific basis. If there is some kind of light source in the room, the production of the sleep hormone melatonin is disrupted in the body.

Почему нельзя спать головой к окну и еще пять сонных запретов, которые работают

It is because of this that you can wake up in the morning feeling tired and exhausted, and during the day start eating more to fight increased stress. If you are one of those people who cannot sleep without light, try to minimize its influence: a small night light far from the bed will be an excellent solution to the problem.

Don’t sleep with your clothes on

Something that everyone could also hear often in childhood: “Change your clothes, don’t go to bed with your clothes on.” Moreover, some teach children to sleep without clothes, which often raises questions and misunderstandings of other people. But there are many scientific reasons why sleeping without clothes is very useful. First of all, because in this case melatonin is produced better, which, again, helps to reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol, maintain a good condition of the skin and hair.

Psychologists believe that a person who sleeps naked is more confident and harmonious, accepts himself better and does not suffer from mood swings. Scientists from Sweden say that sleeping at low temperatures improves metabolism and normalizes blood sugar levels, which reduces the risk of diabetes.

Don’t sleep on your stomach

For many, this particular pose is one of the most comfortable, but people have had questions about it since ancient times. For example, the Old Believers were sure that this was a “dead man’s pose”, and in this position a man was strangled by a brownie.

But if you are not an old Believer, there are also a number of more scientific reasons why you should give up sleeping on your stomach: compression of internal organs, possible problems with potency, circulatory disorders in the chest, the risk of stroke and premature death in the elderly and people with high blood pressure. In addition, due to the fact that in this position the head is turned to one side, is it harmful to the spine?“»).

Do not sleep with a wet head

Previously, it was believed that water washes away a person’s “protective field”, and since at night he is especially susceptible to attack by evil spirits, sleeping with a wet head is very dangerous: you will weaken or get sick.

If we talk about the scientific reasons for this prohibition, then after such a dream, the hair becomes weaker and brittle. Also, the pillow gets wet from wet hair, which means that it creates an even more favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, which affects the condition of the skin and the body as a whole.

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