Where to get energy in the morning: 10 habits that will give you strength for the whole day

Some morning rituals help not only to spend the day as efficiently as possible, but also to achieve success in work and personal life in the long term. In our article, we have compiled a list of the most useful habits with which to start your day.

Где брать энергию по утрам: 10 привычек, которые подарят силы на весь день

Psychologists and coaches often say that for positive changes in life it is necessary to introduce useful habits into it. And it’s better to start in the morning, because daily morning rituals perfectly discipline and set the tone for the rest of the day. Together with the founder of the cosmetics brand Dibs Cosmetics Irina Egorovskaya, we talk about those of them that best help to tune in to the working day and save energy. 

Wake up early

Do you remember the saying: “Morning is wiser than evening”? That’s right, in the morning hours a person’s mind remains clearer and more concentrated, he copes better with complex tasks. Waking up early, you can slowly plan your working day, make a list of phone calls and meetings, think about tomorrow and just dream.

If waking up early is a problem for you, you can set the alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than usual every day. In such a simple way, the body will gradually get used to waking up at the crack of dawn. But it is also important to fall asleep early – preferably before 22.30. Remember that it takes at least 20 days to form any useful habit.

Do not look at the phone in the first minutes of waking up

The blue radiation that comes from the screen of a mobile phone often causes insomnia. If you look at the phone for a long time early in the morning, this will lead to an increased level of anxiety. And the morning is the time when, on the contrary, you need to set yourself up for fruitful work.

Где брать энергию по утрам: 10 привычек, которые подарят силы на весь день

Morning sports or light gymnastics

Morning workout increases activity and helps to conserve energy during the working day. This means that your mind and body will cope better with both physical and psychological tasks. And you will be much less tired.

It is best to start the day with a jog or exercise. During exercise, the heart and lungs are supplied with oxygen, blood circulates better, vital organs receive nutrients — all this increases the efficiency of the body. A 30-minute workout will make your brain work, which will make it clearer and more stable, and your attention will be focused “).

A glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach

A glass of warm water with lemon helps to really wake up and cheer up. Drinking liquid on an empty stomach, you force the body to “accelerate” and continue to work with maximum productivity.

Water with lemon on an empty stomach helps to prevent dehydration of the body. Lemon contains a large amount of useful acids and nutrients for the immune, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. In a word, only benefit.

The only limitation is that if there are chronic diseases, it is better to consult a doctor beforehand before introducing this useful habit into your morning ritual.

Где брать энергию по утрам: 10 привычек, которые подарят силы на весь день


To clear the mind of negative thoughts, prevent the appearance of anxiety and stress, help the body relax and feel in harmony with the outside world before the start of the day, it is necessary to devote 5-10 minutes of meditation.

You should take a comfortable position – lying down or sitting cross-legged, close your eyes, turn on light music and immerse yourself in thoughts. If it is difficult to do this alone, you can use meditation apps. Morning meditations improve your mood and help you calmly solve daily tasks.

Contrast shower

The water procedure, when you alternately change the temperature of the water from cold to hot and vice versa, is a certain stress for the body. But thanks to him, the cells in the tissues awaken and begin the process of renewal. People who often take contrast showers are less likely to get sick and experience stress. If the procedure is repeated every day, the level of sweating will also decrease, which is especially important for those who are actively engaged in sports.

Body care

In the morning, it is important to tone the skin and warm it up from sleep. Daily self-care procedures give youth, health, excellent appearance and mood. Before the shower, you can do a warming massage with a brush, apply a moisturizing mask on your face. Before washing, you can also massage your head with your fingers or a comb. 10-15 minutes will be enough to relieve tension and improve blood circulation.

Где брать энергию по утрам: 10 привычек, которые подарят силы на весь день

Breakfast is the main meal of the day

In the morning, the activity of the body’s metabolic processes increases, and it needs “fuel” in the form of a nutritious breakfast. Food is energy, if it does not enter the body between 7 and 10 in the morning, the balance will be disturbed and the metabolism will begin to work slowly, and by the evening it will completely disappear. That is why those who prefer a hearty dinner instead of a nutritious breakfast are overweight. What you eat in the morning turns into energy. A healthy breakfast should consist of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates rich in fiber.

Additional intake of vitamins

Vitamins C and E are called “beauty vitamins”. Vitamin C is needed for collagen synthesis. It is part of the skin and connective tissues, protects the heart and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, increases immunity and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E affects the work of the brain, muscles, reduces fatigue, has a positive effect on the reproductive function of the female body. Prior consultation with a specialist is necessary before taking a vitamin complex.

The practice of affirmations

Affirmations are short phrases that help to create the right psychological mood. When they are repeated, neural connections are activated, and the subconscious mind is tuned to the result set by the phrase. This technique is also effective for relieving anxiety and maintaining inner peace on a daily basis .

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