What will happen to your body if you refuse milk

Giving up milk is one of the most popular trends in the field of health and beauty. But is it really useful and what happens to your body during this period? We understand the material.

Что произойдет с вашим организмом, если вы откажетесь от молока

Today it is fashionable to follow the principle of Health & Wellness. Calculate your body weight on a par with calories in a plate, set up a physical and spiritual connection (and generally catch Zen) with the help of yoga. Of course, this trend does not pass without experiments with nutrition. Experts of the international lifestyle manufacturer of fresh Italian and Caucasian cheeses Unagrande Company will tell in detail about how cheese lovers refuse milk.

To meet a fan of milk in its pure form becomes a rarity. Almost 40% of Russians refused cow’s milk and switched to vegetable milk — this fact was found out during a study conducted by Unagrande Company together with the Yandex.Vzglyad platform. The reason is simple: both unpleasant taste and discomfort after consumption, as well as allergic reactions. Another item on the list is bloating and loss of relief. If you consume dairy products, then at least cheeses, yoghurts or cream no more than 1-2 times a week.

Что произойдет с вашим организмом, если вы откажетесь от молока

It is necessary to pay tribute to fashion: in blogs you can increasingly find the results of the challenges “30 days without milk”, “50 days without sugar”, and in coffee shops in the morning there are more and more orders for cappuccino with lactose-free or alternative milk. Rejection of classic milk can really solve the problem of rashes on the face, redness, discomfort in the intestines, but is it worth giving it up? Perhaps the problem lies much deeper?

The complete exclusion of milk from the diet is not a healthy practice. Cow’s milk is a source of calcium, protein, vitamins and iodine. Milk contains magnesium, which is essential for bone development and muscle growth. But, if after a snack with cheese or a glass of yogurt you experience bloating, pain and other discomfort – this may be a signal that your body is not coping with the absorption of lactose. And you need to pass a tolerance test.

Such a diagnosis as “lactose intolerance” is no longer uncommon, sometimes it is detected even in infants. Lactose, also known as milk sugar, is a component found in cow’s milk. The body may not produce the enzyme lactase necessary for the breakdown of lactose. What causes discomfort, bloating, vomiting and nausea. With age, there is a high probability of a lack of this enzyme.

Что произойдет с вашим организмом, если вы откажетесь от молока

But this is not a reason to give up milk altogether. More and more lactose-free products began to appear on the shelves, which are easily absorbed by the body. The taste of favorite foods remains the same, but now they can be consumed without harm to health: at breakfast there are favorite bread rolls with lactose-free butter, for dinner – a light salad with small balls of lactose-free mozzarella, and on weekends to cook pizza with lactose-free mozzarella.

Milk is a useful and necessary product. Do not deprive your body of useful substances. A toned body and clean skin largely depends on the natural composition. “The fewer ingredients in the product, the better” is a mantra that is ideal for going to the store.

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