What problems with the body does poor appetite indicate (and how to fix it)

Sometimes a lack of appetite can signal a number of health problems. Which of them should be on the alert in the first place – we tell you in detail.

О каких проблемах с организмом говорит плохой аппетит (и как его наладить)

Despite the fact that a decrease in appetite is the dream of many people who want to lose weight, its absence can be a sign of serious disorders in the body. What failures in his work may be hidden behind this symptom, we tell together with the expert of the marketplace of vitamins and healthy food products iHerb and nutritionist Alyona Stepanova.

The feeling of hunger can be suppressed for a number of reasons: among them are mental and neurological disorders, infectious diseases arising from intoxication, pathologies of the digestive system and endocrine disorders.

In general, in order to restore appetite, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes of its oppression. To do this, the doctor prescribes tests, conducts an external examination and interview of the patient.

О каких проблемах с организмом говорит плохой аппетит (и как его наладить)

From the point of view of nutritionology, in order to restore appetite (after identifying the reasons for its absence), it is necessary to work with nutrition, lifestyle and deficiencies or surpluses of trace elements.

So, in case of intoxication, a detox program with appropriate products and dietary supplements for detox can be recommended. And to restore appetite, disturbed due to stressful situations, anti-stress procedures may be required: meditation, relaxation, massage. You can also think about a full vacation with a change of scenery for a week or two.

The reasons for the lack of appetite may be:

Disorders of the digestive system

  • Gastrointestinal pathologies: diseases of the gastroduodenal zone, gastritis, peptic ulcer, duodenitis.

  • Intestinal pathologies: chronic enteritis and enterocolitis, dysbiosis, bacterial overgrowth syndrome.

  • Defeat of the digestive glands: pancreatitis, toxic and autoimmune hepatitis.

  • Functional disorders: dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome.

Endocrine disorders

Hormonal disorders lead to changes in metabolic processes, which reduces or loses appetite. For example, the symptom of loss of appetite is characteristic of hypothyroidism. With this disease, they eat much less, but do not lose weight, and sometimes, on the contrary, gain weight. Also, coupled with a lack of appetite, there is a feeling of cooling (when a person feels chills), puffiness of the skin and constant drowsiness, weakness and apathy.

О каких проблемах с организмом говорит плохой аппетит (и как его наладить)


Complete lack of appetite, which is accompanied by weakness, lethargy, weight loss, is a component of the syndrome of “small signs” in oncological pathology.

In general, the human body is a complex structure aimed at survival. He needs constant intake of calories for daily work and normal functioning. Moreover, a normal diet provides our body not only with calories, but also with trace elements necessary for growth, development, and good functioning of the immune system.

Therefore, if your lack of appetite has begun to bother you, it’s time to take good care of yourself and consult a doctor to identify the causes. However, do not rush to get upset ahead of time: modern medicine works wonders, and the deficiencies of certain substances that have arisen due to malnutrition can be replenished with the help of vitamin supplements sold on the marketplaces of healthy food products.

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