What is bitchy face syndrome, and is it possible to get rid of it

Most people are susceptible to it, but few people know that he is the owner of this unusual syndrome, and even less about how to get rid of it.

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

You often hear the questions: “Are you all right?”, “Why are you sad?”, “Are you tired?”? Don’t you like your own facial expression in photos and reflection in the mirror? The reason for this may be the syndrome of a bitchy face. Anna Borteychuk, the head of the aesthetic medicine clinic “Aesthetic Alliance”, an expert in cosmetology, blogger and writer, told us more about this problem and methods of its elimination.

Bitchy face syndrome: an innate feature or an acquired trait?

This syndrome became known to a wide range of people after the popular American video Bitchy Resting Face, which tells how hard life is for people with an eternally dissatisfied face.

In a YouTube video, a bitchy face is seen as a social problem: because of the mask of contempt, others perceive its owners as arrogant and even aggressive personalities, while in fact these people are very nice and friendly.

However, the video contains information that is not completely objective from a medical point of view. Indeed, there is a whole list of certain facial features that are conducive to the formation of a bitchy face: lowered corners of the lips (like Kate Winslet), thin lips (Marlene Dietrich), a large distance between the nose and the upper lip (like Victoria Beckham), deep-set eyes, insufficiently open gaze, low eyebrows (like Kristen Stewart), a hooked nose, pronounced nasolabial folds and a muscular type of face.

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

Kate Winslet

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

Victoria Beckham

However, the presence of all of the above signs does not mean that a person is susceptible to the syndrome of a bitchy face. The main role in its formation is still played by muscle tone.

Natural factors that aggravate the problem

Facial muscles are divided into depressors — lowering tissues, and elevators — lifting them. There are also circular muscles: eyes and mouth. All of them have very sensitive acetylcholine receptors that instantly respond to any emotions and thoughts — that’s why they are called mimic.

At a young age, the muscles are in balance, but over the years they tend to become hypertonic — this may be due to both psychological factors and aging processes. Over time, the typical facial expression is fixed: after all, excessive tone is characteristic of those muscles that are most active. If a person often frowns, then it is more likely that he will have a “wrinkle of sorrow” in the interbrow, and if he is constantly angry and purses his lips, then even at rest the muscle will eventually begin to turn them inside, reducing visually. The same mechanism is observed here as with poor eyesight, when involuntary squinting tightens the circular muscle of the eye to the center and narrows the eye slit.

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

Nasolabial folds play a special role: if the muscle passing along the wings of the nose is excessively tense, then it pulls the tissues up, forming rollers near the nose and forming deep nasolabial wrinkles, giving the face a predatory appearance. Usually, such changes occur with the muscular type of aging.

Another factor aggravating the problem is gravity. Under its influence, facial tissues “slide” to the center and down, therefore, the bitchy appearance only worsens with age. The activity of depressor muscles increases, while elevators, on the contrary, weaken. As a result, ptosis occurs, that is, the omission of tissues and the loss of the oval of the face.

How to get rid of the bitchy face syndrome?

First of all, you need to work with emotions. As already mentioned, facial muscles are very sensitive to thoughts. Therefore, everything you think about and everything you experience is clearly reflected on your face. And since internal tension causes stiffness of the muscles of the face and neck, this not only creates an unpleasant facial expression, but also worsens blood circulation, which means nutrition of facial tissues.

The reason for the lack of a smile and lowered corners of the lips (a dull face) is often the condition of the teeth. Not everyone can boast of a correct bite and a satisfactory aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity — hence the various complexes concerning appearance. Fortunately, this problem can be eliminated thanks to modern dentistry.

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

Massage helps to eliminate muscle spasms well. Moreover, it is important to pay attention not only and not so much to the face, but to the whole body. It is advisable to attend general massage sessions regularly, with courses at least twice a year. A good addition will be self-massage of the face: it will help relieve tension. It is important to perform it very carefully, moving only along the massage lines. To improve the sliding, you should use a special cream or oil. As a home “assistant”, you can also purchase a vibrating massager.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, a person experiences a high level of chronic stress, which is why it is extremely difficult to control facial expressions. Therefore, the most effective remedy against hypertonicity of facial muscles that form wrinkles and other signs of a bitchy face is botulinum toxin. With its help, you can: lift the corners of the lips, eliminate the effect of pursed lips and purse wrinkles; smooth nasolabial folds; remove wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows; raise eyebrows; open eyes, making the look more open.

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

By relaxing the depressor muscles with botulinum toxin, the elevator muscles are activated – this provides a lifting effect.

You can also resort to contouring — injections of hyaluronic acid filer, which will help smooth nasolabial wrinkles and turn the corners of the lips up. To slow down the aging process and prevent age-related ptosis, which enhances the bitchy face syndrome, cosmetologists offer another effective procedure — thread lifting. In turn, facial expression also affects mood, so it is important to break the vicious circle: now even methods have been developed to treat depression by injecting muscle relaxants into the facial muscles.

A little psychology

Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

On the wave of interest in this syndrome, psychologists rushed to study the perception of different facial expressions in society. It is well known that the northern peoples are less smiling than the inhabitants of the southern regions. This is due to climatic conditions: from the cold we reflexively cling, while the heat makes us relax.

The mentality differs in different countries, and if in the USA a smile on duty is considered the norm, then in Japan and Korea restrained facial expressions cause more confidence. In Russia, they like to joke and have fun, but it is not customary to smile at strangers on the street — such unreasonable behavior can cause concern.

That is why it is not necessary to think that the bitchy face syndrome is a social problem, especially now, when tolerance and body positivity are in fashion. The main thing is to be in harmony with yourself!

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Что такое синдром стервозного лица, и можно ли от него избавиться

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