“What is a gingival smile, and can it be corrected?”

“My friend has a very open smile, and when she laughs, almost the entire upper gum is exposed. Is this pathology or not? Why is this happening? Are there any ways to correct such a smile? In my opinion, it’s not very beautiful…”

Anna, 30 years old

The answer of the dentist-surgeon:

Gingival is called a smile, in which the mucosa above the upper teeth is excessively exposed. Normally, the gum visibility is 1-2 mm. Anything more than that, we call gummy smile. The appearance of a gingival smile is primarily explained by the individual structure of the upper jaw and its location. The line of teeth of the upper jaw, from the anterior to the chewing, is called the occlusal plane. It may be at different angles relative to the skull, but normally it is almost parallel to the horizon line. At the same time, the chewing teeth should be located slightly higher than the front incisors. But sometimes the occlusal plane is very steep, and the chewing teeth are quite “deeply” sunk into the skull (conditionally, they are located closer to the brain), and the front teeth protrude strongly. In this case, when smiling, the gum is exposed more than usual.

«Что такое десневая улыбка, и можно ли ее исправить?»

«Что такое десневая улыбка, и можно ли ее исправить?»

Natalia Vodianova

«Что такое десневая улыбка, и можно ли ее исправить?»

«Что такое десневая улыбка, и можно ли ее исправить?»

Miley Cyrus

A gingival smile does not actually create any difficulties for a person: it does not interfere with eating or smiling. But because of the lack of aesthetics, many people want to correct this minor cosmetic defect. There are different ways to correct the gingival smile, and the choice depends on the severity of this genetic feature.

  • Orthognathic surgery. With the help of maxillofacial surgery, it is possible to insert, move or rotate the upper jaw by a few millimeters and thus get rid not only of the gingival smile, but also to create, in general, a beautiful facial aesthetics, for example, to improve symmetry.
  • Surgical correction. This is a less invasive method of treatment, which consists in surgical reduction by 1-2 mm of the bone that surrounds the root of the tooth. The procedure is quite easy, and the effect is visible after 5-7 days, when the swelling of the mucous membrane subsides. Very often, manipulation is combined with the installation of veneers to correct the shape of the teeth, which is usually incorrect with a gingival smile.

«Что такое десневая улыбка, и можно ли ее исправить?»

Julia Roberts

«Что такое десневая улыбка, и можно ли ее исправить?»

Nicole Kidman

In general, surgery to change the gingival smile is rather a fashion statement, since it does not interfere with living, eating, or smiling. For example, the well-known Hollywood star Nicole Kidman in her youth was the owner of a pronounced gingival smile, but who would have thought to say that she was ugly? 


Maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist and dentist, expert of the “First Channel”.

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