What is a capsule menu and how it will make your life easier – explains the nutritionist

Capsule menu is a salvation for those who do not have time to think about what to cook every day. Together with a nutritionist, we understand the main trend and find out how to create our own capsule of dishes with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements.

Что такое капсульное меню и как оно облегчит вам жизнь — объясняет нутрициолог

For each decision, the brain uses its own resource. Where to go to work, what hairstyle to do, what to eat for breakfast or what outfit to wear today? Simple and complex, global and small everyday issues – they all take time and effort, lead to fatigue and burnout. Stanislav Sheremetyev, nutritionist, member of the International Association of Sports Sciences ISSA, founder of the educational center “Academy of Nutritionology”, tells how to reduce the number of simple daily decisions and preserve their quality, using the example of the “capsule menu”.

What is a “capsule menu”?

Any of us at least once in our lives has faced a difficult decision: “What to wear today?”. Sorting through clothes in the wardrobe, trying on one thing after another, we spend a huge amount of effort. This is an unacceptable luxury for many people, especially for those who make hundreds of important decisions at work every day. 

The way out can be a “capsule wardrobe” consisting of several options of “top” and “bottom”, which are perfectly combined with each other. Now there is no need to puzzle over what to wear to an important meeting with a partner or on a date with a loved one. The right set of clothes is already in the closet and waiting in the wings. It’s the same with the “capsule menu”. Having compiled a diet for a week / month, we get rid of the task of thinking every day: “What to eat today.”

Both in the first and in the second case, there is one principle – to assemble a certain base from certain products (or things) that can be easily interchanged and combined without losing the quality of the finished product.

Что такое капсульное меню и как оно облегчит вам жизнь — объясняет нутрициолог

How to assemble a capsule menu

These few rules will help bring this concept to life, preserving the diversity and integrity of nutrition.

  1. Make up 3 – 4 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which you can alternate. 

  2. Choose the day of food purchase. To comply with the menu, you should always have the necessary products at hand.

  3. Make a blank for a week. Cut the vegetables for the stew, pre-cut the fish, meat and freeze. It will take quite a bit of time. For example, 1-2 hours on a day off will be enough. 

  4. In the season of berries and fruits, stock up on them in the form of mashed potatoes rolled through a meat grinder, which can also be frozen.

  5. Prepare the mixtures in advance for the preparation of PP pancakes or waffles. A healthy and delicious breakfast, the preparation of which will take as much time as it takes to make yourself a tea with a sandwich.

  6. The presence of different loaves in the house (rice, buckwheat, whole grain, flax) will help complement any meal, diversify it or act as a snack.

  7. Buy a water bottle, preferably glass or stainless steel metal. Water is an important part of any diet. A glass of water before a meal reduces the feeling of hunger, helps to get enough of less food faster.

  8. If you prefer to eat out, choose several establishments with a convenient location that have healthy food. In each of them, determine your favorite combinations of dishes — this will also be an analogue of the capsule menu.

Что такое капсульное меню и как оно облегчит вам жизнь — объясняет нутрициолог

Examples of menus for the day

When making a menu, take the products that are suitable for you as a basis and try to find combinations. Every day you should get enough protein, fats and carbohydrates.

The source of protein is eggs, fermented dairy products, meat and offal, legumes. The right fats are found in red fish, avocados, seeds and nuts. Carbohydrates — whole grains and products made from them, vegetables, fruits, berries.


  1. Oatmeal porridge with berries or dried fruits, boiled egg, bread with a piece of baked meat or fish.

  2. Omelet with vegetables and cheese, a piece of bread.

  3. Cottage cheese casserole with sour cream and green vegetable smoothie with kiwi or apple.


  1. Baked chicken drumsticks, boiled brown rice or quinoa, vegetable salad with olive oil.

  2. Beef goulash, hard pasta, grilled vegetables.

  3. Baked fish, salad with new potatoes, lentils


  1. Ratatouille, fish baked in foil.

  2. Turkey souffle with vegetable salad.

  3. Salad of fresh vegetables, baked meat with vegetables.

From the suggested options, you can choose and make a menu for every day. Remember that a healthy diet should be easy to follow and delicious, only then will you use it regularly. Capsule menu is a great solution and compromise in modern realities.

Nutritionist, member of the International Association of Sports Sciences ISSA, founder of the educational center “Academy of Nutritionology”.

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