“What happens if you scratch a mole?”

“How dangerous is it for health to damage a mole?”

“They say that a birthmark injury can lead to serious diseases, up to skin cancer. Is this so and what is important to do if there is damage to the mole?”

Arina, 26 years old

Expert’s response:

Patients often come to me with a request to remove this or that neoplasm on the surface of the skin. The most popular areas are: men’s neck, women’s bra—wearing area (back, shoulders). Underwear is one of the main causes of rubbing moles (nevi). In second place is touching moles with chains, then with nails or a towel after a shower. After such careless actions, the mole may begin to bleed, and it is better not to allow this.

The fact is that moles have a special blood supply. It is because of this that even the most insignificant wound, scratch can lead to the fact that it will begin to bleed, and the healing process will be quite long.

It is also important to know that moles do not form ordinary epidermal cells, but atypical ones, which can turn into cancerous ones with a certain exposure. All moles can be attributed to benign formations, which under certain conditions (for example, under thermal exposure — tan) have the potential to transform.

The transformation of moles can also occur in the case of their permanent damage, when, for example, the chain on the neck constantly rubs one of the nevi. In men, one of the most traumatic areas is the face: most often they are damaged due to regular careless shaving. But there are other cases. In one of the patients, the traumatization of the mole occurred due to the arch of the glasses on the bridge of the nose, as a result of which its “rebirth” occurred — the appearance of metastases.

There is an opinion among patients that the removal of a mole can lead to death. The reasons for the appearance of this myth are unknown to medicine, but because of its existence, many people have been walking for years with injured and/or periodically bleeding moles instead of taking and removing them — which is much more expedient and safer.

Moles can be removed using a laser, a coagulator. Moles are also surgically excised and sutured. The removal method is chosen by the doctor, who must take into account the location of the nevus, its size and other parameters. You can’t joke with moles! Even if she is not in a traumatic place, she needs to be looked after.

Another sign signaling that it is better to remove the mole: this is when you swipe over the surface of the skin and feel a bump in place of the mole. Such a convex mole needs regular monitoring and removal, because it tends to degenerate into malignant neoplasms. You don’t have to worry about moles that you don’t feel by running your hand over them.

Moles need to be removed only in a medical facility. You can’t do this on your own, at home. You can not remove the entire nevus — leave some cells that will eventually begin to grow, and after severe trauma there is a risk that they will be reborn and begin to grow together with metastases. Therefore, they need to be removed exclusively by a specialist.

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Vladimir Plakhotin is a plastic surgeon.

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