What happens if you eat a clove of garlic every day

Many doctors say that garlic “smells” of health. Indeed, many useful properties are attributed to him, and many of them have been proven by science.

Что будет, если есть по зубчику чеснока каждый день

People have long resorted to the help of garlic in the fight against diseases and their prevention, but, according to experts, its benefits are not limited to this. Together with a nutritionist and the CEO of the Premium Aesthetics clinic, we have figured out the most compelling reasons why you should include garlic in your daily diet.

You will be less ill with colds

Garlic contains the substance allicin (it is he who gives garlic a specific smell), the antiviral properties of which have been confirmed by numerous studies. It has been noted that it is able to strengthen the immune system by stimulating the synthesis of T-lymphocytes (T-killers), which are necessary for the destruction of foreign agents, including viruses.

Что будет, если есть по зубчику чеснока каждый день

The studies did not use garlic itself, but its extracts, in which the amount of allicin was different, so it is quite difficult to say for sure how much garlic should be eaten to strengthen the immune system. In most cases, it depends on the individual characteristics of the digestive system. In general, 1-2 cloves of garlic a day will be quite enough. There are also additives containing fermented garlic extract. On average, such dietary supplements contain about 800 mg of extract and about 1.2 mg of allicin, the daily dose of which is not normalized.

Important: allicin is released in large quantities when garlic is crushed. In order for it to bring you maximum benefit, first crush it, and then grind it.

Your oral health will improve

To be more precise, you will reduce the risk of developing inflammatory gum diseases or you will be able to eliminate existing ones. How does garlic work in this case? It’s very simple — it contains phytoncides that have a strong bactericidal effect. They successfully fight against pathogenic microorganisms that cause periodontitis .

You will be less likely to encounter allergies

Что будет, если есть по зубчику чеснока каждый день

The ethyl acetate contained in garlic is able to reduce the release of histamine proteins, which are formed in response to the penetration of an allergen. It is useful to take note of those who regularly face seasonal allergies. It is very useful to eat a clove of garlic in the case of an allergic reaction that has already manifested itself. It will help to reduce the intensity of its course.

You will forget for a long time about what thrush is

Today, quite a large number of women face candidiasis. Regular consumption of garlic will help keep the number of conditionally pathogenic flora under control. Volatile phytoncides, which are released from crushed garlic, are detrimental to a large number of yeast fungi. They also inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and other microbes.  Be sure to include garlic in your diet if you are faced with factors that can provoke candidiasis: a change in diet, a change in time zones or climate, a stressful situation.

You will look younger

Что будет, если есть по зубчику чеснока каждый день

One of the most valuable properties of garlic provides the action of allicin, a powerful natural antioxidant.  The effect of oxygen free radicals on the cells of our body is one of the proven causes of aging.  A sufficient amount of antioxidants in the diet will help maintain the elasticity and smoothness of your skin.

Make your liver’s life much easier

It is this organ that plays a leading role in the detoxification process. The liver neutralizes various harmful substances: xenobiotics, heavy metals, metabolic products of its own body. Garlic contains substances that significantly increase the formation of liver enzymes involved in detox.

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