What are antioxidant creams for (and how to choose them)

The best friends of girls are antioxidants. We choose the best creams with substances that we have heard so much about, but have never seen.

Для чего нужны кремы с антиоксидантами (и как их выбрать)

Our skin care products are always on guard: creams with SPF, as bodyguards, protect from the harmful effects of sunlight, preparations with retinoids help to restore the face after a party, serums with hyaluronic acid do not allow the skin to die of thirst … And only antioxidants invisible to the eye, but familiar by ear, can do absolutely everything. 

Why do we need antioxidants?

Для чего нужны кремы с антиоксидантами (и как их выбрать)

The main purpose of antioxidants is to catch and neutralize free radicals, that is, unstable oxygen molecules formed in the body under the influence of aggressive exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, polluted air. They are very active and ready to start the oxidation process anywhere. In the skin, free radicals begin to rush chaotically, joining healthy cells, and sow destruction around themselves, damaging cell membranes, interfering with established connections …On the face, their activity manifests itself in the form of wrinkles, a decrease in tone, elasticity and radiance of the skin. That’s where our favorite cream with pomegranate, or vitamin E, or algae extract comes to our rescue. Long-term studies have proven that antioxidants manage to neutralize free radicals even before they harm healthy cells.

How they work

Для чего нужны кремы с антиоксидантами (и как их выбрать)

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These miracle particles work at various levels. Basically, they perform protective functions and help the skin look fresh and smooth, but they can also help reduce inflammation (this in turn allows the tissues to produce more collagen).

The main players in the anti—aging battleground are vitamins C, E and A, further down the list are retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinoic acid and even beta-carotene. On the label of creams and serums, antioxidants are usually indicated towards the end, which means only one thing — they are effective even in small doses (substances on packages are indicated in descending order of concentration).

Today, chemical developers are solving the question of how to deliver antioxidants to the consumer in the best possible form – in a jar or in a metal test tube. The fact is that antioxidants are unstable. For example, one form of vitamin C is completely destroyed upon contact with light, green tea extract can change color and turn brown, idebenone can cause irritation and rash in some conditions, and vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 hardly penetrate the skin. But most scientists believe in these components, continue to explore their capabilities and increase their efficiency.

How to choose creams with antioxidants

Creams with antioxidants are in the arsenal of all serious brands without exception. In order not to make a mistake when buying, you need to follow simple rules.

Think about the brand. Since antioxidants in cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it is better to pay attention to the product of a proven manufacturer. They tend to invest a lot in research and development of formulas. The fight against free radicals is a very expensive pleasure, and only serious players in the beauty industry can afford not to save on them.

1/13 Brightening diamond serum Cell Shock White HD, Swiss Line (antioxidants: diamond clusters, a traditional HD-White complex for the line)

Talk to your doctor. The dermatologist will first of all recommend drugs from the pharmacy assortment, and this expands the search area. In addition, only a doctor can offer an antioxidant that is most suitable for your skin type.


Serum with antioxidants Antioxidant Serum

An active cream-based serum with an antioxidant complex for the care of tired, atonic skin in order to prevent photoaging and protect the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors. 

Don’t rush things. Nothing can work miracles overnight. Antioxidants may take a month to take effect. They have very serious tasks – to prevent free radicals from harming the skin. It takes time, and the instant results that we see after using the cream are just good hydration. 

1/10-day serum, Berezka Lab (jojoba, grape seed, avocado, hazelnut, rosehip, marula, apricot seeds, vitamin E)

Make it easier for them to work. Don’t forget about SPF: sunscreen and antioxidants go hand in hand. While sunscreen filters lie on the skin and, like a shield, reflect destructive attacks, the anti-age cream applied under them works “at depth”, absorbing free radicals. Keep in mind that these are not interchangeable processes! 

You will need

Fluid Eucerin Sun Protection Photoaging Control SPF 50

Для чего нужны кремы с антиоксидантами (и как их выбрать)

Fluid Eucerin Sun Protection Photoaging Control SPF 50 Know the price

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