What a woman wants: three wishes that will definitely come true

We bring the wildest dreams to life and believe that each of them is worthy of a special fulfillment.

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

In fact, there are only two categories in the world of women’s desires: in one – those that you really want, but you can do without them, and those that you really want and cannot do without. And there are desires with which every little or adult woman falls asleep, wakes up and dreams, even if they have just been fulfilled.

The first wish is special

The first on this list, of course, are travel. Well, admit it, who hasn’t dreamed of adventures, new countries or even very close trips since childhood. By car, plane, train and on foot — any travel is in our heart for a long time.

There is a little secret to a successful dream trip: take a talisman with you. It is better if it is an ornament with a solo diamond. A real, luxurious, radiating energy – a diamond will transmit its power to you.

For example, an elegant thin white gold ring with a large diamond of classic round cut is especially suitable for every day and on the way out. In search of romance, pay attention to delicate earrings from the Solo collection with an English lock, as well as stud earrings. Many people especially love them for their relevance for any event and occasion and the opportunity to add a light refined accent that does not attract all the attention.

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

What for? For luck! A romantic acquaintance, an interesting meeting or even the beginning of a successful career can be waiting for you anywhere. Be ready to hit everyone on the spot.

The second desire is romantic

To be desired, loved and the only one is the strongest desire of every woman. And it doesn’t matter if you have met your prince and dreams of living happily ever after or he is just waiting in the wings — it’s time to choose jewelry in the royal style today. To make the wish come true, ordinary jewelry is not enough. True love is the magic of real perfectly cut diamonds. Take a closer look at the design of the ring from the “Royal diamonds” collection, thought out to the smallest detail. An incredibly beautiful diamond of the reference cut, weighing 1.00 carats, in tandem with a descending path of 6 perfectly cut and calibrated Baguette—cut diamonds, 6 Marquis-cut diamonds and 102 round diamonds is a balance of impeccable shape and content. Everything you need right now. Such an ornament will be a true proof of the highest and most sincere feelings, because this ring is unique and created in a single copy for the only girl in the world.

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

Diamond Ring, Royal, MIUZ Diamonds

The third wish is magical

Superpower is the secret desire, which is so difficult to admit to every woman. Since childhood, we have dreamed of becoming princesses, turning into fairies, performing miracles and knowing all the secrets of magic. And at no age, no woman will give up the dream of charms and magic. And do not refuse, because it is easy to reveal this power, you just need to know the secret.

The secret of the magic of many famous women, including Queen Elizabeth, is in her favorite gemstone, tanzanite. His charming magic is transmitted to the owners of jewelry in an instant. This rare stone is mined only in Tanzania on a span of only four kilometers in length. The age of half a billion years and the limited mining location add even more value and uniqueness to tanzanite.

The Tanzanite collection from MIUZ Diamonds includes 19 luxurious rings and earrings that will not leave any girl indifferent. The main decoration is a stunning necklace with a delightful large tanzanite surrounded by a number of miniature diamonds, very reminiscent of the “Heart of the Ocean” from the famous melodramatic movie “Titanic”.

An equally excellent option for fulfilling desires will be a white gold ring with a large tanzanite cut of kushon, encrusted with six diamonds around. If a man chooses, then this particular decoration will be the best proof of sincere feelings and serious intentions.

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

Чего хочет женщина: три желания, которые обязательно исполнятся

Company information

The Moscow Jewelry Factory (MUZ) was founded in 1920 and is part of a group of companies that carries out a full cycle of operations – from processing raw materials to selling finished products, and also has its own retail network. During its existence, highly qualified specialists of MUZ have accumulated vast experience in creating jewelry, which is passed on to the younger generation to preserve traditions and unique style using modern technologies. The MIUZ Diamonds chain has more than 250 stores with a geographical location from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

In 2021, the company announces a rebranding and announces a new name – MIUZ Diamonds:

  • MIUZ is a familiar abbreviation of the Moscow Jewelry Factory and the name that is familiar to our long-standing audience. MIUZ is the personification of all the best that the brand takes with it into the new century;

  • Diamonds is an addition symbolizing the main vector of the company’s development – expertise in diamonds of the highest quality, which the whole world wants to talk about.

The rebranding of MIUZ also touched on the logo, the design of flagship stores and, of course, the collections themselves: there are more than 50 of them in the brand’s assortment.

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