Weekend plastic surgery: 3 mini-operations with maximum effect

We have collected everything you need to know about new methods of plastic surgery.

Пластика выходного дня: 3 мини-операции с максимальным эффектом

Plastic surgery is one of the most rapidly developing areas of medicine. This is due to the increasing popularity of plastics every day. Of particular interest to patients today are “lightweight” mini-surgeries with a short suture, quick and easy rehabilitation. There is even a new term in plastic surgery – “weekend surgery”. Together with a plastic surgeon, professor, member of OPREH Igor Bely, we made an overview of the most promising alternatives to classical operations, which should be taken into account if you decide on plastic surgery.

Top lifting

An advanced alternative to standard methods of braulifting, endoscopic forehead lift and temporal lift, top lifting is performed through a very short incision (only 2 cm). For comparison: temporal lifting requires a 5-7 cm incision. This mini-lift allows you to lift the outer part (tail) of the eyebrows, creating a beautiful flying bend, lift the corners of the eyes and open them slightly by lifting the upper eyelid, rid the forehead of facial wrinkles. And all this is possible without serious intervention and long-term rehabilitation. No wonder such an operation is called a “mannequin lift”. The result not only rejuvenates, but also favorably emphasizes facial features, and after 3-5 days you can already go to the podium, well, or just go outside and to the office.

Top lifting is a completely new technique that has been developed to minimize the disadvantages of a temporal lift (a long incision up to 7 cm) and endoscopic lifting (severe, rehabilitation, risk of complications). At the same time, the new technique summarizes their main advantages: the absence of a long incision (almost like an endoscopic lift) and rapid rehabilitation (better than temporal lifting).

Пластика выходного дня: 3 мини-операции с максимальным эффектом

The intervention is carried out through two incisions of 2 cm in the area of the hairline in the right and left corners of the forehead. The main purpose of the operation is to rejuvenate the forehead, lift and improve the eyebrow line is achieved by detachment of soft tissues on the forehead, followed by lifting them up to the periphery, and excision of excess skin folds. The “tail” of the eyebrow is raised and pulls the eyelid and the corner of the eye up. Small overhangs and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes disappear, restoring a beautiful almond-shaped incision. The rehabilitation period is about the same as after a tightening with threads, and the effect is much better and, not unimportant, 10-15 times longer. So the costs will pay off handsomely.

Prima lifting

Suitable for patients aged 30-40 and a little over who want to get rid of nasolabial folds and restore a clear V-shaped oval of the face. Of course, the same result can be obtained after high-quality thread lifting and augmentation by fillers, especially when we are dealing with a professional in their field. You can try contouring. But these interventions always have a short-term effect, and with age the effectiveness of these procedures decreases. At some point, the tightening of threads and the introduction of fillers simply stop helping: you either stop observing the effect, or you notice that the face becomes puffy, puffy and swollen.

As is known, the substances from which the threads are made and which are part of fillers – such as polylactic acid, polycaprolactone, hyaluronic acid – have the property of “attracting” water. This is especially true of the most popular drug for rejuvenation – hyaluronic acid. As a result, instead of rejuvenation, we get a pillow face. If you observe a similar rejuvenation result in the mirror, then it’s time to switch from cosmetic procedures to mini-plastic surgery.

Пластика выходного дня: 3 мини-операции с максимальным эффектом

SMAS at this age has not yet been shown, therefore, a minimally invasive technique – prima-lifting with a short incision (only 1.5-2 cm) is better suited for such patients. Prima-lifting does not leave visible scars, while it allows you to correct age-related changes in the area of the cheekbones, nasolabial folds and facial contour at the SMAS level.

The main advantage of this lift is that you are guaranteed to get the desired effect without a long rehabilitation. It is important that the rejuvenation will be really long-term – not for six months or even a year, but for as long as ten years. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for those who have a second chin and neck problems, and these are almost all patients older than 45-50 years.

3S-lifting (for patients 45-75 and older)

Circular facelift is an effective intervention, but potentially dangerous, since during the operation there is a risk of damaging the facial nerve and resulting in not a rejuvenation effect, but a pronounced asymmetry. In addition, a circular facelift is one of the most traumatic types of facial interventions. A modern alternative to a circular lift – 3S-lifting – is done through a short incision. Thanks to this type of lifting, not only the peripheral part of the face is tightened, as with a classic facelift, but also the central part. The technical disadvantages and limitations of the traditional circular facelift include “under-correction” of the central area of the face – nasolabial folds and drooping corners of the mouth.

Пластика выходного дня: 3 мини-операции с максимальным эффектом

3S-lifting is designed to solve the whole complex of problems of an age-related person, including lifting a technically complex central zone. In addition, this lift is carried out using the safest possible method, which guarantees that there is no damage to the facial nerve. Another advantage of the 3S-lifting technique is an innovative, specially developed system of tissue support and fixation, which provides reliable fixation to absolutely all areas of the face and neck, increasing the long-term result.

In addition to solving all age-related problems of the face, 3S-lifting helps to eliminate ptosis, excess subcutaneous fat in the chin and neck area, platysma strands, bryli and other age-related problems. After such an operation, you get a natural rejuvenation effect without distorting the features characteristic of the classic circular facelift and without risks and excessive traumatization of tissues and nerves.

You will need

Facial Massager

Пластика выходного дня: 3 мини-операции с максимальным эффектом

Facial massager to find out the price

 Certified plastic surgeon, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, full member of OPREH. It is widely known not only in Russia, but also abroad. He is considered the best Russian specialist in a face lift with a short incision. The lifting of the mannequin performed by Dr. Bely is a minimally invasive operation (with a cut of only 2 cm), which will allow you to get an exclusive version of the “face of the mannequin”.  Rehabilitation – 5-7 days, you can go “on the podium” in 2-3 weeks after the operation.

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