We look both ways: a healthy and hearty breakfast for the prevention of visual impairment

Do you feel that since the beginning of the pandemic, the load on your eyes has increased? Try to introduce several products into your breakfast to prevent visual impairment.

Смотрим в оба: полезный и сытный завтрак для профилактики нарушения зрения

During the pandemic, the world’s population began to spend more time in front of screens and monitors. Video calls partially replaced work and friendly meetings, people began to work, study and have fun online. As a result, our eyes were under unusual pressure, and many noted a deterioration in vision. The reason is that when a person looks at the screen, he blinks less.

Taking care of eye health against the background of increased stress is especially important. One of the ways to improve vision is to correct nutrition. To prevent visual impairment, it is enough to introduce a special breakfast into the habit.

Смотрим в оба: полезный и сытный завтрак для профилактики нарушения зрения

Although eggs are considered good sources of protein, they can also help a person improve their eyesight. This conclusion was reached by the authors of a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts in 2006. Then scientists found that eating one egg a day for six weeks increases the level of lutein in the body.

The information of the American company Grania reads as follows: “Lutein is a form of carotenoid that [fights] macular degeneration.” That’s why eggs, as reported in the aforementioned study, can help protect vision. In addition to lutein, eggs also contain another antioxidant, zeaxanthin. It is also responsible for eye health.

Смотрим в оба: полезный и сытный завтрак для профилактики нарушения зрения

By the way, frequent and high consumption of eggs in food, contrary to popular rumors, is not at all dangerous either for health or for the figure. On the contrary, a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner with eggs will provide the body with numerous vitamins, protein and a fairly low calorie content. In general, the benefits of eggs for the cardiovascular system, bones, muscles and figure are obvious. The same goes for vision.

However, journalists have one key caveat regarding the results of this University of Massachusetts — it’s time. A lot has changed since 2006, and the scientific consensus on the effectiveness of eggs could change. Meanwhile, the British College of Optometrists found more relevant tips on how to maintain eye health with a diet.

Experts at the British College recommend: “Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, including dark green leaves, [which] are good for overall health and can support eye health. A healthy diet will help you maintain a healthy weight, which helps control blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the likelihood of bleeding or blockage of a blood vessel in your eye, which can seriously affect your vision, and in some cases lead to complete loss of vision in one eye.”

This means that a diet with an emphasis on greens and vegetables, as well as fruits, can really be used to prevent visual impairment. Whether to add eggs to such a meal is up to you to choose, but this product clearly does not cause harm, it helps the body maintain good physical shape, which, according to the specialists of the College of Optometrists, is extremely important for preserving vision. Besides, it’s simple and delicious.

Смотрим в оба: полезный и сытный завтрак для профилактики нарушения зрения

Other risk factors for eye health include smoking. The NHS says: “If you smoke, you are much more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration, which is the most common cause of vision loss in the UK, and cataracts than people who do not smoke.”

With regard to the eye health of children and adolescents, the National Health Service of England (NHS) gives parents a number of tips. It is important whether their child is sitting too close to the TV, whether he holds objects very close to his face, whether he blinks a lot, whether he rubs his eyes, turns or protrudes one eye and has a white reflection in the pupil. These are risk factors, when faced with which it is better to consult a specialist. Signals about upcoming problems also appear in adults .

As for the additives that supposedly can improve the clarity of vision, experts are not sure of their effectiveness. The College of Optometrists states: “There is no convincing evidence that the general population should take these supplements.”

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