Wash off: 6 myths about skin cleansing

Beauty without makeup largely depends on how well you take it off. In order for the cleansing to pass with a bang, we analyze the most common mistakes of make-up cleaning.

Смываемся: 6 мифов об очищении кожи

Myth 1: Wash up and go

It’s not that simple. Now it sounds like this — “wash twice… and go.”  First, remove the makeup, and then take a close look at the skin. The fact is that not all cleansers cope with concealer and tone completely, especially in the area of the eyes and nose.

It is easy to see this if, immediately after the first “approach”, you hold a cotton pad moistened with a tonic over the skin. Brown marks will definitely appear on it, which means that the task has not been completed to the end. Dermatologists advise to take a closer look at oil-based skin cleansing products. To all their advantages, they also dissolve the remnants of sunscreen well. And don’t forget to check the composition — it should be sulfate-free.

Смываемся: 6 мифов об очищении кожи

Myth 2: Wash your face 2 times a day

Why such restrictions?! Today, dermatologists agree on one thing: you need to wash as needed: after each workout; after an air flight; if you have oily skin, then in the morning and evening; if dry and sensitive — just before bedtime. The main thing is not to abuse even delicate cleansing preparations. The ideal volume is no more than a coin. And no hot water, just warm.

Смываемся: 6 мифов об очищении кожи

Myth 3: Close your pores

Sorry, but the fact that at the end of the procedure you rinse your face with cold water, the pores will not close. On the contrary, excessive heat and cold can exacerbate problems such as redness and noticeable vascular mesh. Although it cannot be denied that soft steam helps to soften the accumulation of sebum in the pores (therefore it is good to wash in the shower), but it is also not worth abusing such a technique. It is enough 2-3 times a week.

Смываемся: 6 мифов об очищении кожи

Myth 4: The scrub should only be natural

If love for everything natural, your principled position — please! Ground fruit bones will help you. No one canceled them. But it has been scientifically proven that salicylic or hyaluronic acids are much more effective for exfoliation and smoothness of the skin than traditional scrubs with abrasive particles.

In addition, they not only remove dead cells, but also work on rejuvenation. However, here, too, you need to observe a sense of proportion and alternate the use of drugs with acids with the usual delicate cleansing. Twice a week is an ideal option.

Смываемся: 6 мифов об очищении кожи

Myth 5: Use gadgets daily for deep cleansing

Of course, modern skin cleansing devices eliminate dirt, dead cells and excess sebum better than your fingers. In addition, they act more gently than scrubs. But it’s not something you should use every night. Especially if retinol and acids are present in daily care.

The result of such activity may be peeling, which in turn will lead to inflammation.  In a word, use it, but without fanaticism. Yes, and don’t forget to rinse and dry the brush after each use to rid it of bacteria, and diligently change the nozzle every three months.

Смываемся: 6 мифов об очищении кожи

Myth 6: Good “washbasins” cost a fortune

Skin cleansing products are not what you need to spend your grandfather’s inheritance on. Creams and serums with retinol and antioxidants are expensive . They require high concentration (hence the pricing) and at least do not wash off, spending quite a lot of time with you. Decent cleansing can be found in quite democratic brands. And owners of problematic and sensitive skin should look into the pharmacy.

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