Walking as a couple: 6 main secrets of stylish and harmonious images with your man

Not only Rihanna and A$AP Rocky deserve to be called the most stylish couple. We share the secrets of how to make the most spectacular paired outfits.

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Today, the idea of paired images is on the agenda. In our turbulent times, when news about the emergence of global viruses is replaced by news about the emergence of new world conflicts, we need sincerity, understanding and care even more. Warm relationships and a sense of community with those we love are manifested even in the way we dress.

So, if you decided to experiment with creating a paired image, you are definitely on trend! Making such outfits, as they say, head-on, just by buying the same things of different sizes— is not the best option. The unity of the pair can be demonstrated much more elegantly. For example, using the same shades, shapes and details. Here are 5 simple steps to create such an image.

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Step 1. Treat the creation of a paired image as an exciting project

To launch the project “Dear, let’s dress the same!”, you will have to spend some time discussing with your man the details of the overall image. But keep in mind that for the success of such an event, first of all it is necessary to decide where you plan to go in such an outfit, what arsenal is available to you and what result you expect.

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Step 2. Be ready to become a Leader

Most likely, you will have to play the leading role in creating a paired bow. Men, as a rule, are reluctant to pay attention to issues related to appearance. Historically, fashion and style are considered the territory of women, besides they are more competent in matters of clothing and care for it. And although today’s young men are already showing great independence in this regard, men over thirty still rely heavily on their wives and mothers.

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Step 3. Decide on the situation

The choice of when and where you will go together will depend on the style of clothing and the selection of accessories, because different situations require different dress codes, and, accordingly, different levels of training. Stopping by the coffee shop next door is one thing, but going to an art gallery presentation is completely different. Don’t forget about a nice weekend at home when you plan to spend the whole day together. This, too, may well be a reason to create coordinating outfits, even if no one but you two will see them.

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Step 4. Choose a style

It is the style that will become the basis of your joint image, it will be possible to layer all the necessary elements on it. The choice of style largely depends on the location, the availability of suitable items of clothing in your wardrobes, personal preferences and the mutual desire to dress in this style. Here are some cool and simple examples of paired images, the components for which are already in your wardrobe:

Denim. Today, classic blue jeans, a white shirt or T-shirt and sneakers are probably found in the wardrobe of any person, regardless of gender, age and social status. It is this material that should be taken as a basis in your joint fashion journey.

Sporting. Even if you don’t go to the gym, you both probably have sweatpants, a jacket or a bomber jacket, sneakers and a baseball cap. And if not, these items are easy to buy at the nearest youth fashion store.

Urban. Here you can choose jeans or cargo pants with lots of pockets, a light windbreaker and a neutral-colored T-shirt, as well as shoes or sneakers. Urban style is often called the uniform of the streets, because its main principle is to help a person blend in with the crowd.

Boho. A more complex, but no less fascinating style to reproduce, which involves layering and the use of a large number of accessories, ranging from a hat and a light scarf casually wrapped around the neck, and ending with a lot of rings and bracelets on the hands of both.

Business. A style based on an image with a classic business suit. In the era of widespread “remoteness”, it has partially lost its position and moved into the everyday wardrobe, so it still remains one of the most popular options for men’s clothing. The lady will certainly have a strict skirt and a white blouse in a pair with him .

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Step 5. Find sources of inspiration

Having decided on a fashionable direction, do a little research. The way celebrities or residents of big cities use this style can lead to a lot of interesting ideas. To do this, you just need to spend five minutes on Pinterest and Instagram or take another close look at the photos of stylish couples whose image perfectly suits each other: Ivan Yankovsky and Diana Pozharskaya, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev, Paulina Andreeva and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Ходим парой: 6 главных секретов стильных и гармоничных образов со своим мужчиной

Step 6. Choose colors, textures and fit

First of all, your images should be combined in color, because it is to him that everyone pays attention in the first place. You can choose clothes based on the principle of unity, for example, blue as the predominant color of both outfits, or on the principle of opposition, when a man and a woman choose contrasting shades. In both cases, you can easily achieve a pair of images. At the same time, it is not necessary to dress in the chosen shade from head to toe — it is enough to echo the main details.

Matching textures are another possible scenario. So, if you plan to wear gold jewelry, your man should use a watch, belt and rings made of yellow metal. The same is true with fabrics: if you decide on a light chiffon dress or blouse, think about whether they will be combined with dense heavy materials, from which men’s clothing is usually sewn.

Finally, it is worth considering the fit of the selected items: it is desirable that it be the same. A fitted silhouette should be chosen by both or give preference to an oversize together .

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