Vertical diet: how professional athletes lose weight

“I don’t eat what I like, but I eat what my body likes,” this formula formed the basis of one of the most popular new weight loss diets. What are its features and what do you need to know before trying it?

Вертикальная диета: как худеют профессиональные спортсмены

In a healthy body — a healthy mind, as well as a balanced diet and a well-made diet. The trend for a new type of diet was set by professional athletes and bodybuilders. Experts say that the vertical diet helps not only to improve energy and endurance, which is necessary for people who often do sports, but also to correct the deficiency of nutrients and balance the hormonal background.

Together with Anna Ivashkevich, a nutritionist, clinical psychologist and nutritionist, a member of the union of the National Association of Clinical Nutrition, we understand this type of nutrition in more detail and determine whether such a diet option is suitable for “ordinary” people.

What is a vertical diet?

The vertical diet was developed by powerlifter and bodybuilder Stan Efferding. Initially, this food system was his personal approach to nutrition. She helped him to improve his activity and gain weight without loss in digestion.

The main thing is to listen to yourself and to your body. If you feel heaviness in your stomach, bloating and flatulence after eating your usual foods (about an hour after eating), it means that the food you eat is not suitable for you.

Вертикальная диета: как худеют профессиональные спортсмены

Each person’s body is an exclusively individual system. One person will have a certain product cause heaviness and negatively affect the general well-being, while the other will not even notice what he ate. Efferding asked everyone who would like to try and experience his diet, to begin with, listen to his body and understand his preferences.

The vertical diet includes sources of carbohydrates with a high content of fermentable oligo-, di-, monosaccharides and polyols. They are found in brown rice, legumes and a certain category of vegetables — for example, in white cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, turnips. But there is a caveat here: for most people, these products cause digestive disorders, so it is better to either limit this list or introduce the above products into the diet exclusively in heat treatment.

The essence of the vertical diet is not to eat right or exclude harmful foods. The main thing in it is good digestibility of food. Schematically, the vertical diet looks in the form of an inverted letter “T”, where the basis is fruits, vegetables, greens, fish and meat, and the vertical part is easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins that give us energy and activity for effective training.

Based on this, the diet of the vertical diet should consist of foods that are easily digested and do not overload the stomach:

  • Cucumbers

  • Bulgarian pepper

  • Potatoes or sweet potatoes

  • Spinach

  • Eggplants

  • Corn

  • Watermelon

  • Melon

  • Orange

  • Grapefruit

  • Coconut

  • Lemon

  • Linden tree

  • Cranberry

  • Rice, almond or unsweetened coconut milk

  • Beef liver

  • Chicken liver

  • Turkey

  • Red caviar

  • Bacon

  • Shellfish

  • Oysters

  • Salmon

  • Sardines

Вертикальная диета: как худеют профессиональные спортсмены

A category of products that should be abandoned altogether or consumed in limited quantities:

  • Corn and sunflower oil

  • Onion

  • Garlic

  • All types of cabbage (strictly in heat treatment)

  • Coffee

  • Alcohol

  • Sweet foods and flour

The benefits of a vertical diet

If you are actively involved in sports, want to gain muscle mass or are a professional bodybuilder / powerlifter, this food option will suit you perfectly.

Excess calories are necessary for building muscle mass. When easily digestible foods appear in large quantities in your diet, you facilitate frequent intake of high-calorie meals and do not feel side effects from the gastrointestinal tract.

The harm of a vertical diet

Despite the fact that the vertical diet helps to cope with bloating and flatulence, heaviness in the abdomen and intestinal problems, and also promotes muscle growth, it has quite a large number of disadvantages, which are definitely worth mentioning.

The vertical diet contains almost no prebiotics

This nutrition excludes the production of dietary fibers that saturate beneficial bacteria. And they are contained in onions and garlic, cereals, including barley and brown rice.

Вертикальная диета: как худеют профессиональные спортсмены

The vertical diet negates the consumption of fiber

Vegetables are present in the diet, but, as a rule, in heat treatment, which reduces the production of the necessary amount of nutrients and elements. Daily consumption of vegetables and fruits in raw form contributes not only to the normalization of the digestive system, but also to a feeling of satiety.

The vertical diet is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans

The basis of this type of food is red meat, but the amount of vegetables, cereals and legumes, on the contrary, is reduced.

The vertical diet limits the consumption of nutrients and elements

Due to the fact that the variety of foods in the diet is very limited, you may develop a deficiency of nutrients, vitamins, especially if you have not previously consulted a doctor and have not passed the necessary tests. The approach to this kind of diet should be thorough — it is not recommended to change your usual type of diet dramatically to anyone, even completely healthy people.

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Вертикальная диета: как худеют профессиональные спортсмены

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Clinical psychologist-nutritionist, nutritionist, member of the union of the National Association of Clinical Nutrition.

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