Tibetan exercise: 5 essential exercises for a healthy back

These exercises will not take much time, but will provide the fastest and strongest effect. If your goal is a beautiful back and a healthy spine, you cannot do without a Tibetan complex.

Тибетская зарядка: 5 незаменимых упражнений для здоровой спины

The main feature of the exercises, which are often called Tibetan “pearls”, is that they do not involve the use of brute physical force. Conscious breathing plays a huge role in these exercises. If a person, in addition to physical exercises, controls breathing and correctly directs his attention to the strained parts of the body, the benefits of the complex will be maximum. Together with yogi, blogger and psychologist Valentin Voronin, we are considering the best exercises for a beautiful and healthy back.

We suggest starting the complex with 9 repetitions, and after 2-3 weeks add 3 repetitions.

Exercise #1

Performed standing up. Hands to the sides horizontally to the ground, palms down. The legs are slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders. Rotate around yourself counterclockwise. After the rotation, focus your attention on the central channel – imagine that you are standing in the center, and everything else revolves around you.

If you are in a bad mood, you feel bad, it’s hard for you — do a left counterclockwise rotation. If you are aware of the influx of strength, causeless joy and desire to live – carry out a clockwise rotation to the right. Rotation to the left will relieve excess potential from your energy, and rotation to the right, on the contrary, will help to get it.

Тибетская зарядка: 5 незаменимых упражнений для здоровой спины

Exercise #2

It is performed lying on your back. Arms along the torso, palms pressed to the floor. Pull the socks of the feet towards you, the knees are straight. At the same time as inhaling, lift your legs and head. The shoulders, pelvis, sacrum and palms of the hands are pressed to the floor. Going into a position where the head and legs become vertical, hold your breath and stay in this position for 1-2 seconds. As you exhale, lower your legs and head to the starting position.

In this exercise, it is important to create pressure in the abdomen while inhaling, which will “rest” on the raised legs, as a result of which you will feel as if an inflated rubber ball inside the abdomen. This will indicate that the exercise is being performed correctly. Try to inhale longer until these conditions are met. In this way, internal organs will be massaged, which has a powerful healing effect.

Тибетская зарядка: 5 незаменимых упражнений для здоровой спины

Exercise #3

It is performed kneeling, hands slightly below the waist, palms pressed against the hip joint. The chin is pressed against the chest, while the thoracic spine is straight. We exhale, enter the position and with an inspiration we begin to move the head, the back of the head back to the extreme position. Hold for 1-2 seconds in this position. Then lower your head forward to the starting position. Inhale as much as possible, tilting your head back to feel your stomach. Repeat 9 times.

Тибетская зарядка: 5 незаменимых упражнений для здоровой спины

Exercise #4

Sitting position on the floor. The trunk and legs form a right angle. Hands are pressed to the ground with palms. Tilt your head forward, press your chin against your chest. Exhale. As you inhale, lift your pelvis, stretch your stomach upwards, tilt your head back to the “coffee table” position. Knees bent, head thrown back.

On exhalation, return to the starting position: lower the pelvis back to the ground, move your head forward, press your chin to your chest, trying to keep the chest straight.

Тибетская зарядка: 5 незаменимых упражнений для здоровой спины

Exercise #5

Take the emphasis lying down, bending over. The main body weight is distributed between the palms of the hands and toes. Thighs and shins do not touch the floor. The head is thrown back. We exhale. When inhaling, we lift the pelvis up. This position is similar to the yoga pose “dog face down”. At the same time, we try to reach the chest with our chin, pull the pelvis up. This is the extreme position of inspiration. Delay for 1-2 seconds. On exhalation, return to the “lying down, bending over” position with maximum backward deflection.

Тибетская зарядка: 5 незаменимых упражнений для здоровой спины


The described complex helps to strengthen energy channels, mental and physical health. When you get to 15 reps, do these exercises twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. 15 reps in the morning and 9 reps in the evening. Then add 3 to the evening exercises. When you reach 15, increase the repetitions to 21. If you have enough willpower and spirit to do these exercises for a year, you will definitely be able to forget about back pain and any difficulties associated with it.

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