They give out age: 5 mistakes that lead to aging of the hands (you make them every day)

You may not even notice how seemingly completely ordinary everyday actions seriously harm the health and beauty of the skin of the hands — one of the most vulnerable areas of the body. In our material, we have collected mistakes from which it is better to wean yourself now.

Выдают возраст: 5 ошибок, которые ведут к старению рук (вы совершаете их каждый день)

It is known that the skin of the hands is much thinner than on the face and body, and is practically devoid of subcutaneous tissue, so it undergoes much more active age-related changes. In addition, very often we simply forget to take care of our hands or ignore various options for their protection. Together with plastic surgeon Leah Havasheli, we understand what mistakes lead to premature aging of the hands.

Mistake #1: Constant contact with water and household chemicals without gloves

One of the most common mistakes most women make is doing housework without special gloves. Cleaning products, powders, dishwashing detergents plus frequent contact with water – all this dries the skin, which means it contributes to its thinning and aging.

Выдают возраст: 5 ошибок, которые ведут к старению рук (вы совершаете их каждый день)

Mistake #2: Lack of regular skin hydration

The fact that the skin, especially in the cold season, loses a lot of moisture is probably known to all women. The risks are increased by dry indoor air — in offices and at home, the use of household chemicals, hypothermia.

The only way to solve the problem at home is to constantly moisturize your hands with a cream. Make it a rule to use it after every hand washing, dish washing, cleaning, before going outside, before going to bed, etc.

Hand creams can be placed all over the apartment, carried in your purse when you leave the house — this will help not to forget about a useful habit.

Mistake #3: Frequent use of antibacterial agents without additional care

Of course, it is difficult to call it a mistake to use antibacterial soap, napkins or sanitizer on a regular basis – rather, it is another factor that has firmly entered our lives, while negatively affecting the condition of the skin of the hands. To resist this effect, you can use a moisturizing hand cream.

Mistake #4: Going outside without gloves

In winter, the hands are subjected to another stress – hypothermia. Many people face problems caused by it – dryness, redness, irritation, roughening of the skin of the hands due to exposure to cold. Only the presence of warm mittens or gloves, as well as regular home care can save from it.

Выдают возраст: 5 ошибок, которые ведут к старению рук (вы совершаете их каждый день)

Mistake #5: Ignoring funds with SPF

The most common mistake, regardless of the season, is the lack of protection from the sun. Hands are much more often exposed to solar activity than the face, since they are constantly in direct sunlight. That is why they need special protection during long walks, trips to the city, on vacation.

Ultraviolet light destroys hyaluronic acid in our skin, which contributes to its drying and the appearance of wrinkles. You can protect yourself by regularly applying creams with SPF — and not only on your hands, but also on the decollete and face areas “).

How to restore and maintain the health of the skin of the hands?

Do not forget that professional hand skin care traditionally begins at home. It can include not only the use of gloves and cream, but also scrubbing the skin of the hands 1 time a week in the cold season – a facial scrub / peeling or candied honey is suitable.

You can also make salt baths for hands with the addition of fat-soluble vitamins A and E, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, or essential oils (patchouli, orange, mint). By the way, vitamin E can be applied to the cuticle and nail plate to strengthen and nourish them.

Retinol can also help in the fight against dry skin, but before using it, it is better to consult a cosmetologist. You can safely apply facial serums with these vitamins to your hands. Also an excellent option is an express mask for quick recovery: apply a greasy nourishing cream on your hands, put on rubber gloves and put your hands in hot water for 15 minutes.

Выдают возраст: 5 ошибок, которые ведут к старению рук (вы совершаете их каждый день)

From professional procedures for hand skin care, massage, fruit acid peels, biorevitalization (injections of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin), CO2 laser polishing or phototherapy in the presence of pigmentation and fine wrinkles on the hands can be advised.

Since with age the layer of subcutaneous fat in the area of the hands decreases and the veins become noticeable, it is recommended to resort to correction of the hands with fillers to make up for the lost volume. This procedure has a pronounced anti-aging effect, helps to smooth wrinkles and produce collagen.

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