They age you: why nasolabial folds appear, and how to get rid of them

With age, the folds between the nose and the corners of the mouth begin to betray age treacherously and have a bad effect on the beauty image as a whole. How to solve this problem — we tell you in detail.

Старят вас: почему появляются носогубные складки, и как от них избавиться

Nasolabial folds age the skin and give the face a sad, gloomy look. Within the framework of medical cosmetology, there are three types of such wrinkles: stroke, gap and gradient folds. We tell you about their features, the reasons for their appearance and ways of fighting together with Elena Kudashkina is a general practitioner, anti—age therapist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, chief physician of the PREVENTAmed clinic.

What are nasolabial folds?

Barcode folds

Superficial inconspicuous stripes in the area of the nasolabial triangle. For the most part, they arise due to active facial expressions in this area, often found in owners of thin and dry skin.


Furrows that have arisen due to a lack of tissue volumes. They usually appear with age, when the skin becomes less elastic and elastic, the volume of subcutaneous fat changes, the influence of gravity is clearly manifested. Wrinkles are V-shaped, with deepened occurrence in the dermis, and U-shaped, more superficial. It is with this kind of folds that cosmetologists most often turn to.

Gradient folds

Pronounced, deep wrinkles that form in mature people. Their occurrence is due to the fact that the tissues of the middle and lower third of the face vary greatly in height. As a result, the face looks tired and sad. 

Старят вас: почему появляются носогубные складки, и как от них избавиться

For each type of wrinkles and type of aging of the face (tired, deformed, fine-wrinkled, muscular), the doctor selects the appropriate therapy: professional care, injection or hardware techniques.

In preventive medicine clinics, cosmetologists, as a rule, prescribe not only cosmetic procedures, but also examinations by other specialists, correction of daily habits and lifestyle in general in order to minimize the negative impact of various factors on the aesthetics of the face. 

Why do nasolabial folds appear?

It is generally believed that such wrinkles occur due to age-related changes in the body. However, it is important to note that over the years they do not manifest themselves in all women: this is largely influenced by lifestyle and other factors that young people are often exposed to. Among them:

  • sudden weight changes (in particular, a sharp weight loss, provoking tissue prolapse);

  • aggressive exposure to ultraviolet radiation that damages the skin and changes tissues;

  • smoking, alcohol and other harmful habits;

  • poor environmental conditions, etc.

Anatomically, folds appear when the thin dermis of the middle part of the face can no longer support the weight of subcutaneous fat. The dermis itself is thinning due to the fact that the body produces less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. To solve the problem, methods are used that are aimed at more active development of these components. 

How to remove nasolabial folds?

Старят вас: почему появляются носогубные складки, и как от них избавиться

It is possible to overcome such wrinkles with the help of injection and hardware procedures. A specific method of treatment is selected by a cosmetologist after diagnostic measures. This takes into account the depth of the fold, the age of the patient and the presence of contraindications.

Injection techniques:

  • Contour plastic. Using a thin needle, the specialist inserts a filler with hyaluronic acid under the fold. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and fresher.

  • Botulinum therapy. The doctor injects botulinum toxin preparations into the fold, which helps to relax facial muscles and smooth wrinkles while preserving natural facial expressions. After the first procedure, the effect lasts up to six months, with regular procedures — up to a year.

  • Mesotherapy. This is an effective anti-aging technique based on the introduction of special mesococtails into the folds of the skin, saturated with vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, hyaluronic acid, etc. The procedure has a therapeutic effect on the skin, triggering natural rejuvenation processes. The result can be maintained for more than a year if you periodically do supportive mesotherapy.

  • Thread lifting. The technique involves strengthening tissues with the help of special threads. To remove nasolabial folds, Aptos threads are usually used, as they effectively eliminate sagging skin and prevent the appearance of flabbiness. After complete resorption of the threads , the result lasts for several more years .

Старят вас: почему появляются носогубные складки, и как от них избавиться

Hardware methods:

  • Laser grinding. With the help of a laser beam, the doctor removes the dead skin layer, thanks to which collagen and elastin are produced more actively, and the skin itself acquires a more attractive appearance. The effect can last up to 6 months.

  • Radio frequency thermal lifting. High-frequency currents activate the production of collagen, as a result of which the skin acquires firmness and elasticity. If you complete a full course of procedures, the effect will last for several years. 

Nasolabial folds can and should be fought. To do this, you need to consult a doctor and choose the appropriate procedures. A competent approach will allow you to restore youth, freshness and attractiveness to your face for a long time.

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Старят вас: почему появляются носогубные складки, и как от них избавиться

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