The secret of the Duchess of Cambridge’s beautiful hands

The Duchess of Cambridge’s embossed hands have become a real fetish among fans of Prince William’s wife. We tell you how to achieve the same.

Секрет красивых рук герцогини Кембриджской

From the very moment Kate Middleton appeared in front of an impressionable Canadian audience in a chic red Thornton Bregazzi sleeveless dress, clearly demonstrating her new achievements in the gym, there was only talk about the Duchess’s trained hands (only Princess Charlotte was awarded more discussion). The relief is really impressive: well-developed muscles, toned skin. But the best part is that you can achieve the same effect at home, spending no more than 15 minutes a day. The star trainer, as well as the founder of the Kobox boxing club, Shane Collins shares several simple but effective exercises for slender arms “like the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Секрет красивых рук герцогини Кембриджской

Секрет красивых рук герцогини Кембриджской

Exercise: High bar

How to: lie on your stomach and get off the floor, leaning on straight arms and toes. The body should remain as straight as possible. Stay in this position as long as possible. Fix your time and try to increase it every day.

Why it is necessary: despite the fact that this exercise is designed to train the muscles of the body, it is also very effective for the shoulders. It develops strength and endurance and does not injure the forearm muscles.

Exercise: Moving from a high bar to a low one

How: Take the same position as for the high bar. Then bend one arm at the elbow and put it on the floor, leaning on the forearm. Do the same with the second hand, so that both hands are on the floor. Then slowly straighten your arms alternately and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise.

Why you need it: this exercise activates the triceps – the most problematic part of the forearm. In fact, having thin arms means having tightened triceps. And having toned triceps means wearing the most beautiful sleeveless blouses.

Секрет красивых рук герцогини Кембриджской

In the photo: low (classic) bar

Exercise: Push-ups

How to: lie on your stomach and stand on your hands, placed shoulder-width apart. The body is straight, the face looks at the floor. You can do push-ups by leaning either on your fingertips or on your knees. Bending your arms at the elbows, lower the body to the floor, then return to the starting position.

Why it’s necessary: yes, because Kate does it! If there are the most effective exercises for the abs, triceps and forearms, then they can all be replaced with push-ups. And why haven’t you done this before?

Exercise: Shadow Fight

How to: put your feet shoulder-width apart. If you are right-handed, then put your right leg back so that you are at an angle of 45 degrees to your “goal”. Place your elbows closer to the ribs, and close the lower part of the chin with your fists. All that remains is to imagine that you are in battle. Move around the court and strike imaginary blows towards your “target”. Do not forget to also deviate from the “blows” of the enemy. Start with a two-minute round and get ready to catch admiring glances in the hall.

Why it is necessary: This exercise is perfect for warming up, as well as for cardio training. You will immediately activate the muscles of the forearm and the press, as well as increase the number of heartbeats. The most exhausting, but at the same time the most effective in this exercise is twisting. The more you “twist” the lower part of your body in relation to the upper, the stronger your blows will be. This means that the shorter your sleeve will be.

Your workout:

  1. 60 seconds is the bar

  2. 30 seconds – Shadow Fight

  3. 60 seconds – The transition from a high bar to a low one

  4. 30 seconds – Shadow Fight

  5. 60 seconds – Push-ups

  6. 30 seconds – Shadow Fight

Repeat the sequence of exercises three times and get ready to put on your best off-the-shoulder dress.

Секрет красивых рук герцогини Кембриджской

Olga Trukhina

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