The secret of eternal youth: surgical and non-surgical lifts

With the help of professional cosmetologists, we have chosen three radical, but very effective ways to restore youth to the face and peace to the soul.

Секрет вечной молодости: операционные и безоперационные лифтинги

Mutual responsibility

Number one is surgical lifting. The surgeon of the Danishchuk Clinic, Elena Karpova, knows all about the subtleties of this method

Now there are many new anti-aging techniques: all kinds of devices, fillers, fillers … Each of them is good in its own way. But the availability of alternative ways to look younger has not made the traditional surgical facelift less popular. Although, of course, it has somewhat “pushed back” it in time. Now there are much more opportunities to maintain the skin in good condition, and therefore a visit to a plastic surgeon takes place much later than it once was. However, it should be clearly understood that until now there is simply no procedure equal in effectiveness to operational lifting. Because there is only one way to remove excess skin – by excision of the tissue. Moreover, only in this case it is possible to achieve (at a time!) the result is “minus 10 years”.

But which option of a “lift” to choose is another question that the doctor should answer based on each specific case. In our clinic, they do both endoscopic lifting and deep SMAS. In the first case, we are talking about very small incisions, even point punctures, through which the operation is performed. This technique is well suited for working with the upper and lower part of the face. One of its advantages is the almost complete absence of postoperative scars. SMAS lifting is a deeper intervention when a plastic surgeon performs a circular facelift and affects structures lying deep under the skin. This allows you to get rid of wrinkles-creases, fat deposits and skin folds. After such an operation, the face looks younger not even by 10, but by 15 years. Before the procedure, a consultation is required to identify possible contraindications (although they practically do not exist). The operation itself is performed under anesthesia that is gentle for the body, and the depth and volume of the intervention are determined individually for each person.

I am really pleased that now doctors have many opportunities to combine various rejuvenation technologies. They do not replace the operation, but improve its quality. Prepared by competent care, the skin recovers much faster than the one where the aging processes are hopelessly running. Another example: we performed surgery on the most problematic area — on the chin. Removed excess fat and excess skin. But if the tissues have already lost their elasticity and elasticity, if they are, as they say, “flabby”, then you can connect hardware lifting. Believe me, everything together will give a stunning effect. Just perfect! Well, a few words about threads. Let’s say some long time has passed after SMAS-lifting, and after all, the youth of the face needs to be maintained constantly. And here, most likely, I would no longer recommend doing a new operation, but put threads in those areas that need correction. This is minimal stress and an excellent result.

As for the talk that if you already have threads, then not all surgeons will undertake to do an operating lift, then it seems strange to me. Personally, in all my many years of practice, threads have never interfered with me. If they are not absorbable, then I calmly remove them, if they are absorbable, then what difficulties can there be? To date, the basic methods of aesthetic medicine have already been well tested and worked out, so a competent specialist can find an optimal and safe solution for almost any problem.

Секрет вечной молодости: операционные и безоперационные лифтинги

With white threads

A complete dossier on thread lifting is given by plastic surgeon EMC AESTHETIC CLINIC Oleg Soldatov

Thread lifting has an honorable intermediate position between cosmetology and surgery. I would call it “minimally invasive surgery”, which is ideal for those who are no longer satisfied with the results of cosmetic procedures or who do not have time to go to a cosmetologist often in order to get the desired result in the distant future. And of course, we are talking about those who, for one reason or another, are not yet ready for surgery. The technology is not new, but today it has been improved so much that doctors can use it more widely than a few years ago. The buccal-zygomatic area and the lower third of the face are best corrected with threads. In combination with other techniques, you can achieve amazing rejuvenating results. We recommend this procedure for problems such as the displacement of the outer end of the eyebrows down, sagging of the oval of the face, the formation of a second chin, a clear allocation of nasolabial folds.

There are three types of threads. The first one is intended for biorevitalization — it is absolutely all mesoniti without notches. It is clear that we are not talking about any lifting in this case. This works well as a prevention of aging and maintaining the youthfulness of the skin, the threads dissolve safely after about a month. They are often put not only in clinics, but also in beauty salons. In any case, it is important to remember that only an experienced doctor should do such a procedure.

The second type is reinforcing threads, which, as the name suggests, serve to create a supporting frame. Today, absorbable bioniti are mainly used for this purpose by three well-known brands. Each has its own advantages. Therefore, I work with all three options, depending on what is required in each case. And, finally, the third type is the lifting threads themselves, which provide a good stable result that lasts up to two years (as with the installation of reinforcing threads). They are inserted through micro-punctures or mini-incisions and with the help of special notches fix the tissues in a new position. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts an hour and a half. The tightening effect is visible immediately, and over time there are absolutely no traces of interference on the face. But how long the recovery period will last is a very individual question. It depends on the type of threads, the condition of the patient’s body, and many other factors. As a rule, no more than two weeks. In addition, there are now many ways to speed up the process. For example, we have a cold (low intensity) Zerona® laser in our clinic, which I often recommend for faster recovery and removal of edema. The lifestyle after the procedure will not suffer much, but you will have to refrain from sauna and active sports for some time.

Thread lifting can be combined with other aesthetic techniques — this allows you to more effectively correct age-related changes. It makes sense for someone to connect fillers, for someone to do volumetric contouring.

Thread lifting has a nice feature — the effect of it is gradually increasing. The fact is that the notches on the threads and their inclination provide not only a lift, but also the revitalization of tissues — they activate the synthesis of new collagen.

Секрет вечной молодости: операционные и безоперационные лифтинги

High heat

Ultrasonic lifting promises an effect that will only increase over time. Dermatologist, scientific director of the educational and methodological Center “Vallex M” Yulia Dyachenko – about the capabilities of the Ulthera System device

Studies recently conducted by the company “Vallex M” have shown that more than 62% of the population of our country are aging by gravity type. Therefore, starting from the age of thirty (and sometimes earlier), patients come to us with a request to tighten the oval of the face. By the way, it’s not just about women — there are more and more men in aesthetic medicine departments. The only non—surgical technique that is now able to provide deep tissue lifting is focused ultrasound.

Let’s figure it out. What structure is responsible for lifting the lower third of the face? These are the SMAS of the muscles together with the fascia, which act as a supporting framework. Therefore, it is very important that when correcting age-related changes, the impact reaches this level, and is not limited to the skin. There are many techniques that work quite successfully at the skin level — they remove pigments, coagulate blood vessels — but they have no effect on lifting deep tissues.

Ultrasonic lifting on the Ulthera System device allows you to physiologically start the rejuvenation processes at the deepest level. Everything is very clear: the beam is focused at several depths — 4.5, 3 and 1.5 millimeters. At the same time, the doctor sees the work at all levels on the screen and controls his actions. It is very important that nearby tissues are not even affected by ultrasound. Not to mention the fact that there are absolutely no traces left on the face. Even the redness goes away before the end of the procedure itself.

With the help of this hardware technique, it is possible to effectively and permanently restore the oval of the face, remove the folds around the lips, and reduce nasolabial creases. The first results of the lift are visible immediately, but that’s not all! Four to six months after the procedure, a new collagen matrix will form, which means that the face will look even younger, the contours will become clearer, and the tissues more dense. The effect can last up to two or three years, but, of course, provided the right lifestyle.

At the beginning of the procedure, we do anesthesia with an external anesthetic, only after that the doctor begins to work with sensors at specified points. Some lucky people have a pain threshold so low that they just sleep during lifting. Well, those who still experience discomfort are usually so strongly motivated by the result that they are ready to suffer. In America, and in our country, ultrasound lifting is often combined with plastic surgery: either with its help, the patient is prepared for surgery, or then their face is modified. But immediately after the thread lifting, I do not recommend doing Ulthera System, however, like any other procedures. It is better to wait a little and choose the right time together with the doctor.

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