The perfect royal face: Meghan, Kate or Eugenie?

The first beauty of the royal family of Great Britain was determined by experts in accordance with the main canon of beauty — the principle of the “golden section”.

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

Duchess Meghan should be given the title of the most attractive girl of the English royal court, according to the doctors of the Harley Street Center, one of the oldest and largest private clinics in the United Kingdom. The bride of Prince Harry (or rather, her face) came closest to the standards of the “golden section” – the ideal proportions of beauty. 

Plastic surgeon Julian de Silva came to this conclusion by comparing the cartography of the faces of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Cambridge and the three granddaughters of the Queen of Great Britain — Zara Phillips, Beatrice and Eugenie of York.

Recall that the principle of the “golden section” is, in fact, an equation of beauty and harmony, derived by the ancient Greeks. It is a division of a segment into unequal parts in a special proportion. And the closer the proportions of a person’s face are to the canonical ratio of 1:1.618 (the ideal beauty parameter), the more beautiful he is. Calculations are confusing, but for example, the following options can be given: the height of the face divided by the width should be equal to or close to the value of 1.618, or the distance between the pupils divided by the distance between the eyebrows is equal to or close to the value of 1.618. However, the ideal ratio can be applied not only to the face, but also to the body, which was demonstrated by Leonardo da Vinci in the image of the “Vitruvian man”.

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, symbolizing canonical proportions

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

Plastic surgeon Stephen Marquardt took into account all the geometric shapes of the face with a ratio of 1.618 and drew a “beauty mask”

Computer mapping has long helped to find out how close a person is to ideal parameters. It is used by surgeons when planning plastic surgery, and it is it (more precisely, the result that can be seen with it) that sometimes makes the patient change the initial decision about rhinoplasty, for example.  

Previously, plastic surgeons of the Harley Street Doctors institution have already compiled a top rating of ideal faces, in particular, celebrities based on the coincidence of their ovals with the ideal standard. Amber Heard took the first place in it, and attention! — Kim Kardashian, and the third is Kate Moss (and after all, the indicators of all three exceed 90% in accordance with the classical canon). Now the doctors have reached the monarchs. 

Duchess Meghan: matching the ideal – 87.4%

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

The surgeon’s comment: “Megan has an almost perfect nose – 98.5% compliance with the sample (frankly, here we were a little surprised – ed.), the correct location of the eyes (according to the principle of the “golden section”, the distance between the inner corners of the eyes should be equal to the width of the eye itself) and a magnificent V-shaped, heart-shaped chin (namely such, according to our observations, women are eager to have). The symmetry of Megan’s face is really perfect.”  

Duchess Kate: matching the ideal — 86.8%

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

The surgeon’s comment: “Catherine’s face is distinguished by the fact that she has an almost perfect distance between her nose and lips, but a large distance between her eyes (perhaps the Duchess is not so wrong, spending a lot of effort on intensive eye makeup — ed.). The chin and, in general, the lower line of the oval of Kate’s face is weaker than Megan’s, but she is still an insanely spectacular woman (we mean the given natural parameters) and is not in vain among the most beautiful women on the planet.”

Zara Phillips: matching the ideal — 81.6%

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

The surgeon’s comment: “Funny, but a true aristocrat, the daughter of Princess Anne is noticeably behind the commoners Kate and Megan in terms of attractiveness. Actually, you can see everything for yourself: she is a young, pretty woman, and the main “claim” to her, if we return to the conversation about ideal proportions, is a weak chin and small wide—set eyes.”

Princess Beatrice: matching the ideal — 80.7%

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

The surgeon’s comment: “Princess Beatrice received high scores for her nose (excellent shape and proportionality relative to the face), but at the same time she lost in the shape and size of the chin to all royal girls in general.”

Princess Eugenie: matching the ideal — 79.3%

Идеальное королевское лицо: Меган, Кейт или Евгения?

The surgeon’s comment: “Here we have the lowest mark in all indicators of lips that determine their beauty — 68.3% (this is 12 points worse than the other royals under consideration). On the other hand, Evgenia has everything in order with the upper part of her face, in particular, with the line of location and proportions of the eyes.”

Interestingly, the same Dr. de Silva investigated for compliance with the parameters of the “golden section” of popular Hollywood actors. It turned out that the faces of George Clooney (1st place), Bradley Cooper (2nd place) and Brad Pitt (3rd place) correspond to them most ideally. We are waiting for the beauty rating of European kings and princes.

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