The opposite effect: scents that can scare away the interlocutor

We found out which ingredients of perfumery should be treated with extreme caution.

Обратный эффект: ароматы, которые могут отпугнуть собеседника

“They meet you by the fragrance, they see you off by the mind”: today, it is not difficult to paraphrase a well-known proverb, because perfumes, like clothes, are a key way of communicating with the outside world. The brain has not yet had time to analyze the relevance of the image and the harmony of color combinations, and the olfactory organs have already reacted and helped to make the first impression. And here, as in love: either it happened or it didn’t.

Of course, do not forget that the perception of the fragrance is purely individual, and often the decision “to apply or not to apply” should proceed from the relevance in this particular case. Despite all the subjectivity of the olfactory organs, there is a so-called “risk group— – notes that are more at risk of being misunderstood than others, for example, the already mentioned oud, frankincense and other experiments of perfumers focused not on the main group of consumers, but rather on connoisseurs who subtly feel the relevance of the fragrance “here and now”.

However, you should not tremble before the “scaring” ingredients in the perfume: very often aroma experiments make the masters applaud. In our material, we propose to consider notes that can potentially cause an ambiguous reaction of the interlocutor. As you know, forewarned means armed.


Обратный эффект: ароматы, которые могут отпугнуть собеседника

Frankincense is not the most life-affirming note, referring to the theme of loss, heavy, rich and certainly winter. Incense can not only scare away the interlocutor, but also immerse him in melancholic memories.

But when perfumers frame incense with coffee and vanilla notes, it becomes fabulously beautiful and delicate. This light sweetness hides its heaviness, leaving from a rather complex ingredient all the best – mystery, high cost and genuine elegance.


Oud notes are typical representatives of the woody family, especially respected in Oriental traditions. This perfume is often brought from the Arab Emirates, and this is not surprising: there the ud is most understandable. Woody notes are complemented by a purely oriental sweetness, warming in cold winter and immersing in pleasant memories. For some connoisseurs of perfumery , oud is a guide to the world of meditation and deep dives into the unconscious . 

Обратный эффект: ароматы, которые могут отпугнуть собеседника

Oud inspires many perfumers to create intellectual compositions that reveal all the grace, rigor and nobility of this ingredient.

True perfume connoisseurs are recommended to apply the oud fragrance an hour before leaving the house in order to let him moderate his ardor and give out companion notes accompanying the oud in the olfactory composition. 

“Grandma’s chest”

We are talking about vintage fragrances that are difficult to perceive in our time of minimalism. But these perfumes cannot be written off, at least because they are a natural stage in the development of the industry, real masterpieces of their time.

Recently, interest in vintage perfumes has been gaining strength and it is likely that vintage will soon become a trend. Many are tired of modern art and want to see understandable classics on their dressing tables, paying tribute to the great compositions of the most talented perfumers. 

Обратный эффект: ароматы, которые могут отпугнуть собеседника


The ways of perception of our sense of smell are inscrutable, and any fragrance requires an individual approach. It is important not to be shy in front of difficult notes, experiment, try and (especially before important meetings) think: Will I sound appropriate? (see also: “Perfume mistakes that everyone makes (except professionals)”)

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Tatiana Gorislavskaya is a perfume stylist.

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