The operation that plastic surgeons refuse to do: what is a bulhorn, and why is it dangerous

The fashion for expressive lips leads many people to the offices of plastic surgeons. But some of the possible methods find ambiguous assessments among specialists. One of these operations is Bulhorn.

Операция, которую отказываются делать пластические хирурги: что такое булхорн, и чем он опасен

For those who dream of a more attractive appearance, clinics are willing to offer various methods of cheiloplasty — surgery to change the shape of the lips. Bulhorn is a type of it, during which excess skin is removed between the base of the nose and the upper lip. As a result of such manipulations, the lip is lifted and becomes visually more voluminous. The name of the operation comes from the English word “bullhorn”, which translates as “mouthpiece, megaphone”. It is associated with the shape of the excised area of the skin.

This operation is often resorted to by people who, due to age or individual characteristics, have increased the distance between the base of the nose and the contour of the lips. Typical indications for bulhorn: ptosis of the upper lip, lip asymmetry or insufficient volume of the upper lip. It is believed that bulhorn rejuvenates the face and makes it more attractive. But the procedure has its own peculiarities, which it is important to pay attention to before going under the knife.

What is Bulhorn really dangerous about?

Many surgeons refuse to do bulhorn. Despite the assurances of plastic surgery clinics in the safety and simplicity of this procedure, it really should be treated with caution.

The fact is that in the vast majority of cases, the bulhorn leaves a noticeable, rather rough scar in the area of the labial groove, which cannot be disguised. The consequences of the procedure are irreversible: the removed strip of skin will not be returned to its original place under any circumstances.

Операция, которую отказываются делать пластические хирурги: что такое булхорн, и чем он опасен

After the operation, deformation of the upper lip may occur, which will be especially noticeable when smiling. You may also start to feel stiffness in the mouth and nose area, which remains even a few months after surgery. To hide the scar, the surgeon can move the sutures to the very base of the nose, but this, in turn, will lead to the expansion of the nostrils and distortion of the natural anatomy. If the surgeon removes too much skin (a few extra millimeters are enough), the operation can lead to a change in the shape of the nose as a whole.

Now you hardly have any doubts that from an aesthetic point of view this operation is rather doubtful. You expect to get a sensually slightly open mouth, but instead you see a raised lip and two protruding front teeth in the reflection. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the traces of the operation cannot be corrected.

Surgeon’s opinion

Plastic surgeons should not perform interventions with irreversible consequences. Bulhorn’s result can be compared with blepharoplasty performed without indications, when instead of a beautiful open look, the patient receives a skeletonized eye socket and an A-shaped deformation of the eyelids. Both results cannot be corrected.

Noticeable scars may remain after various operations. For example, mastopexy with endoprosthesis leads to the formation of scars that will be with you for the rest of your life. But in this case, the patient and the surgeon correlate a potential positive effect: a raised chest and a beautiful decollete area — and negative consequences. It is important that you receive the most complete information about the risks at the consultation and make the most informed decision.

Операция, которую отказываются делать пластические хирурги: что такое булхорн, и чем он опасен

Regarding Bulhorn, it is difficult to note anything positive: there are only risks here. Rough scars may remain after abdominoplasty or mastopexy, if the individual characteristics of the body do not allow them to be avoided. But they are excised, and in their place new scars are formed — more accurate. After bulhorn, the scar cannot be excised due to the lack of its own tissue. Theoretically, it can be sanded, but it still won’t be possible to completely hide it.

Before deciding on an operation with irreversible consequences, study alternative ways to rejuvenate and increase the volume of the lips. There are gentle cosmetic methods, such as fillers and filaments, which give a temporary effect and are amenable to correction. Remember: your health is in your hands!

Leading plastic surgeon Frau Klinik.

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