The object of desire: what kind of jewelry does every woman dream of by March 8?

We choose a jewel consonant with the beautiful female energy — tanzanite, from which everyone is delighted.

Объект желания: о каких украшениях мечтает каждая женщина к 8 Марта?

In 1967, a unique stone was found at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. From blue to blue-purple – it shimmered and sparkled like a new fashionable color according to Pantone Very Peri. At first it was mistaken for a sapphire, but then it got a new name and a special significance in jewelry history.

Tanzanite is an exceptional and unique gemstone, which is called the Miracle of Africa. It is quite rare (it occurs a thousand times rarer than a diamond), and its value is in transparency and a rich noble blue-purple color that is difficult to describe. In the hands of skilled jewelers, with the right cut, tanzanite amazes the imagination and attracts the eyes. Isn’t this the perfect gift for March 8th? Nobility, elegance, refinement and the power of nature – all these qualities are related to a rare stone with a feminine essence.

The capsule with tanzanite of the same name with the fashionable color VERY PERI was created by MIUZ DIAMONDS, a large Russian jewelry chain. MIUZ DIAMONDS is the new name of the Moscow jewelry factory. Unique technologies and the quality of the cut create perfect proportions between the corners on the site and the pavilion of the stone. The facets of tanzanite refract light and reflect all the radiance of a unique mineral. As part of the ROYAL and EMPIRE collections from MIUZ DIAMONDS, the new VERY PERI capsule combines the trends of 2022 and the luxury of jewelry, over which time has no power. Such a gift is pleasant to pass from generation to generation.

Объект желания: о каких украшениях мечтает каждая женщина к 8 Марта?

Jewelry for favorites

The collection from MIUZ DIAMONDS includes a set of “Eyira” (from Swahili — “chosen”) — this is a ring of 34 diamonds and tanzanite in octagon cut, as well as earrings. The ring weighing 7 carats is fascinating and will definitely not leave its owner without attention. The octagon cut is an octagon with truncated corners, this shape is used only for the purest stones from nature and reveals their play of light.

The set of “Zema” (from Swahili — “queen”) includes a ring and earrings. 7-carat tanzanite in oval cut is framed by rays of colorless baguette-shaped diamonds. These ornaments are suitable for a special occasion when you want to feel like a real queen.

Объект желания: о каких украшениях мечтает каждая женщина к 8 Марта?

Instead of a star from the sky

Necklace “Ntanda” (from Swahili – “star”) — this is a transparent dark blue tanzanite of almost 10 carats pear-shaped cut surrounded by 19 diamond stars. Like moonlight, the decoration will light the way for the most extraordinary girl. The necklace is complemented by earrings and a ring from the same MIUZ DIAMONDS capsule with large tanzanites surrounded by sparkling diamonds.

An exquisite set of “Atina” (Swahili — “born at night”) made of earrings and an expressive ring will be appreciated by lovers of romance. The main highlight here is the rich blue tanzanite in the kushon cut, which visually enlarges the stone and enhances the radiance. The stone is framed by colorless baguette-shaped diamonds and smaller round stones resembling a scattering of stars.

For the brightest emotions

The capsule from MIUZ DIAMONDS has jewelry that will tell about the most valuable feelings and give vivid emotions. For example, the ensemble “Taonga” (from Swahili – “gift”) consists of a spectacular ring and earrings with a square shape of the central stone. The ring is decorated with transparent dark blue tanzanite weighing almost 8 carats. Its majesty and uniqueness is emphasized by the geometric octagon cut, elegant fasteners and a pedestal of 22 diamonds.

Объект желания: о каких украшениях мечтает каждая женщина к 8 Марта?

Necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings “Ife” (Swahili — “love”) will be the best manifestation of passionate feelings and deep affection. The ensemble with tanzanites and diamonds will say everything for you. The necklace is encrusted with five large piercing blue-purple tanzanites in the cut of the kushon, thanks to which the radiance is visible in any light. The stone is complemented by colorless diamonds in four different cuts, emphasizing the greatness of the jewelry.

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