The most fashionable skirts of spring and summer 2022

The skirt is the main thing of the spring-summer wardrobe. We asked the stylist to tell us which models will break all popularity records this season (take a closer look at them especially).

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

The main trend of the upcoming spring-summer season is romance, femininity, tenderness. An indispensable assistant in creating such an image will be a skirt.

The upcoming season will surprise with non-standard images: at the shows you can find asymmetrical skirts with pleating, romantic ruffles and flounces on the skin. As a decoration, voluminous sewn flowers, handmade embroidery, applications of rhinestones, beads and stones, fringe, sequins, side fasteners and oblique zippers will be widely distributed. All the variety of skirts, fashionable and relevant in the spring-summer 2022 season can be divided into categories.

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

How to choose the length of the skirt?

Stylish mini-skirts still remain in fashion, but long floor-length models fade into the background.

A short skirt will never lose popularity, because it is a winning option for owners of slender legs. In the 2022 season, couturiers created their products spectacular and charming. As a rule, all fashion models are distinguished by a high fit, but the style and cut can be absolutely anything.

Midi-length has become the most popular for fashionable skirts of the spring-summer season. An interesting novelty of the season will be midi skirts with asymmetry, which will look best in smell models and in a duet with ruffles.

Maxi skirts fade into the background, but you can still notice them at the shows.  A floor-length model is always a reflection of femininity, mystery and an original approach to fashion. This length is used both in solemn and in everyday images.

Designers decorated their models with various decor in the form of flounces and frills, draperies, prints. The novelty of the coming season will be maxi skirts in the “gypsy” style.

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

What models will be in fashion?

The A-silhouette will be especially relevant, but the straight cut and the skirt on the smell are also gaining momentum. The bell skirt, trapeze or pencil skirt are not a thing of the past either.

The pencil skirt is universal, because it is appropriate for the office, for parties, and for everyday life. In the coming season, a skirt with a deep slit will be in demand, this will be able to add piquancy to any image. This model will look attractive with stylish sneakers.

The skirt on the smell is included in the top of the most popular skirts in the 2022 season. This is a universal style suitable for any height. It’s all about the vertical present in the model, it visually lengthens the legs.

The mini-skirt looks especially impressive on the smell and is combined with different shoes: from ballet flats and sneakers to rough boots and boots.

Another novelty of the season is a romantic fish skirt. Its characteristic features are the midi length, fitted silhouette, fringing with a flounce. This model looks very seductive and unsurpassed.

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

How to choose the material of the skirt?

The most popular skirt is made of chiffon. Pay attention to the bright colors and voluminous shuttlecocks. In combination with a plain blouse or a basic T-shirt, the skirt will look great. Choose an oversize T-shirt model.

But the denim skirt is the most trending in the season. The cut of such a skirt can be any, but the fit is necessarily overpriced. A short denim skirt will help refresh the image and make it more vivid and spectacular. In addition, it is perfectly combined with high-heeled shoes, as well as sneakers or rough boots. Complement the image with a belt or belt, and you will be provided with an accent on the waist, pleasantly highlighting it.

The leather skirt is also at the height of fashion. You can safely choose interesting models with decor in the form of buttons, locks, inserts of lacquered or shiny leather. Skirts made of colored leather look no less interesting. Short leather skirts look chic and mega stylish, and such models do not look vulgar and are perfect for working in the office.

A lingerie-style skirt is a delicate and elegant model that can melt men’s hearts. Such an outfit is usually made of silk or satin, has a straight cut and looks simply stunning.

A fluffy tulle midi skirt is back in fashion. Tiered tulle skirts with an asymmetrical cut will be no less relevant.

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

The most fashionable colors and prints

Fashionable skirts for the spring-summer 2022 season will delight the fair sex with a variety of color palettes: classic white and black, beige, orange and terracotta, multicolored, sea wave and turquoise, fuchsia, lemon.

If we talk about prints, the most popular will be floral motifs, stripes, classic cage and polka dots, as well as tropical plants and fruits.

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

Accents, decor and details

An interesting model that should definitely appear in your wardrobe is a skirt with a lace-up decor. It looks very stylish and unusual. Rivets, buttons, ties and patch pockets can create additional charm.

Until the spring-summer period has come, there is just time to prepare for the warm season and stock up on the most fashionable and beautiful skirts in which all women look great.

Самые модные юбки весны и лета 2022

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