The most effective hair treatments

We recommend the most effective salon procedures (you only need to know what type of hair you have).

Самые эффективные процедуры для волос

Salon hair care is a serious, long-term and quite expensive event. You can easily fall in love with the effect of the procedure and practice it regularly, or you can easily be disappointed without getting the expected result. To make the latter happen as rarely as possible, take into account not only the desire (how you would like your hair to look), but also what is available, i.e. the type of hair. We understand which procedures are suitable for which hair. 

Thin hair

As a rule, naturally thin hair is sufficiently moisturized, therefore, most likely, this option is not required when choosing care. When choosing a shampoo, it is better to focus on the options “for volume”. Choose a conditioner with vegetable proteins (for example, oats or wheat) – it will strengthen the hair and make it thicker. Make sure that the sealing agents also contain components such as amino acids, betaine, B vitamins, keratin, coenzyme Q10, sugar extracts, niacinamide, caffeine and panthenol – they not only give volume, but also strengthen the structure of the hair.

Add keratin products to the care — they will balance the excess moisture that makes the hair too soft and pliable. Salt sprays are one of the best options for styling thin hair. They will give a natural volume and help to highlight individual strands. With the approach of cold days, the problem of dealing with static becomes urgent for thin ones. Static electricity occurs when the air “steals” moisture from the hair – then they literally stand on end after a comb or hat. You will need a special antistatic brush that will keep this under control, and antistatic sprays.

It is better to avoid:

Forget about two—in-one products – as a rule, there are a lot of heavy moisturizing components in such products. Also avoid products with oils: weighty molecules will quickly take over the situation, and the hairstyle will instantly “deflate”. You need to be careful with smoothing serums – they often turn out to be too greasy for thin hair. The metal teeth of comb combs are also very aggressive for fragile curls, it is better to choose more friendly options.

Самые эффективные процедуры для волос

Karlie Kloss

Salon care

Lamination of hair is not a medical procedure, and it is not worth counting on the fact that it will restore dry and lifeless, damaged hair. The manipulation that came to us from the USA was invented for something else: it makes the hair more dense, smooth, elastic and shiny. Cellophanes is a tinting ammonia—free paint (11 shades plus 1 Clear – “clean”). The dye tones the hair — both already dyed and natural – in the desired color, but thanks to the composition, it does not penetrate into the structure of the hair. On the contrary, Cellophanes seals the cuticle, and the pigment settles on its outer layer – the hair shaft becomes smooth and smooth as a result. The dye is enriched with proteins and protects the hair from UV radiation. Each strand eventually retains its natural moisture level, but acquires a thickened structure and a bright shiny color. It is also possible to apply a transparent product without visible color change. After applying the dye, you will need to spend about a quarter of an hour in a thermal cap under the climazone, wash off the composition and apply a care conditioner.

In total, the procedure takes about 1.5 hours, and the effect lasts for 3-4 weeks. It can be combined with coloring, and this combination has a very beneficial effect on the color — it is washed out more slowly, and the shine lasts longer.

Thick and porous hair

Use the fact that your hair, like a sponge, absorbs everything that is applied to it, and for the same reason, carefully approach the search for care products. The more oils, lipids, ceramides and other nutrients in the shampoo/conditioner/mask/indelible care, the better. Attention: keratins are the main component that you need to look for on the package with conditioner. An intensive mask will be an absolute “must-have” for porous hair, and oils are suitable not only for care, but also for styling. Also, your uneasy undisciplined hair will need a brush with mixed bristles.

It is better to avoid:

Forget about the highly foaming shampoo formulas and get rid of the habit of drying your hair with a hairdryer in hot mode. Switch to warm or cool — it will take you five minutes more, but the hair will be much less fluffy (detailed instructions: “How to actually dry your hair properly”). Styling wax is not your story. You will not be able to do with a small amount, and too much of the product will make your hair heavier (for styling, choose air mousses and styling creams). You already have enough volume, so blow-through combs (“skeleton”, “fish bone”) not your tool. 

Самые эффективные процедуры для волос

Kate Middleton

Salon care

Spa care for hair and scalp Botanical Therapy (Aveda)

Botanical Therapy – salon care according to the principles of Ayurveda. Intensive herbal complexes actively restore and moisturize the hair, and aromatherapy massage with essential oils helps to ensure the correct balance of the scalp. There are five treatments in total, and they are all mixed by the master, depending on the individual characteristics and needs of the hair. The basis on which the customized service is built is moisturizing care (enriched with buriti and pomegranate), regenerating care (contains quinoa proteins and amino acids obtained from sugar beet), balancing care for the scalp, a deep cleansing procedure for the scalp (based on salicylic acid from the gaulteria plant) and comprehensive care for hair and scalp.

The general procedure takes about 60-75 minutes, care of one direction (only hair or only scalp – about half an hour), there are also options for 10-minute express care after haircut and / or coloring.

Curly hair

No matter how curly the hair is – in stiff curls or soft waves – they are united by a special structure. The cross section of the curly hair is not round, but oval, as if elongated. This is what determines the curl and, as a result, the feeling of the presence of a shock of hair on the head is exactly the feeling, because in reality curly hair is more rare than ordinary straight. They are also dry and very porous. All this together implies that such hair needs special care. Stop at shampoos labeled sulfate free or no sulfates (“without sulfates”) – this is the most gentle option for tangled strands. Vegetable proteins (for example, wheat – look for them in the conditioner) will make the curls clearer and give the waves integrity. The best friends of curly hair are indelible treatments that both moisturize the hair and improve combing. The styling cream should not have too thick, but also not too liquid texture. Also, if you do not want to get dreadlocks at the exit, comb your hair with a comb with wide teeth before washing.

It is better to avoid:

Highly foaming shampoo formulas – they will only be a prerequisite for more tangled hair. In your case, less foam means less problems. It is also better to limit the use of dry shampoo. Most likely, you have a dry scalp, and you should not aggravate the situation with additional dehydration (and any powder is the absorption of excess moisture). Funds for volume in your case are also not an option, as are sticky gels that will make curls look like barbed wire. Another bad idea is a comb-brush, it will greatly divide and fluff the hair (it is better to prefer a rare comb).

Самые эффективные процедуры для волос

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Salon care

Marcia Teixeira Keratin and Collagen care (Adorn, Perola)

Suitable for strongly curly and weakened hair. Restores energy and shine to the hair, and also allows you to significantly reduce the curl and fluffiness, while giving the hair softness and silkiness. The keratin formula is essentially a “liquid formula” of hair: pure keratin of New Zealand sheep wool is synthesized in it with the addition of extracts of exotic plants and fruits of the Amazon. Regenerating formulations are very nutritious: they contain a large amount of Brazilian oils and active ingredients for reliable thermal protection. The care completely restores the hair, and during the straightening procedure they acquire a mirror smoothness. The keratin care and restoration system also helps to prevent hair tangling and color loss.

Nuances to choose from: Adorn collagen care is moisturizing, hair density and easy combing, and the Perola procedure is nutrition, volume and shine, smooth and dense hair texture. Depending on the chosen care and hair type, the effect ranges from one to four months, after which the keratin preparation is gently washed out. The duration of the procedure is from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Damaged hair

Bleached, weakened by straightening or injured by perming hair looks dull and lifeless. To care for such hair, it is best to choose a shampoo without sulfates – they greatly weaken the structural bonds inside the hair. Balms-rinses are ideal on an oil basis – they moisturize the hair without weighing it down. Even the most serious conditioning and restoring masks can be used every other day and every day – damaged hair really wants to drink and eat hard. A comb brush with plastic teeth will make the hair smoother and softer, without causing damage to the porous weakened hair rods. 

It is better to avoid:

Once again about shampoos, there should be no surfactants in them). The most common are sodium Lauryl and Laureth sulfate (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Avoid them. A volume conditioner is also not needed – there are too few conditioning ingredients in it, but there are a lot of unnecessary “improvers” for injured hair. Excess proteins in the mask can make the hair even more brittle and brittle. 

Самые эффективные процедуры для волос

Hailey Baldwin

Salon care

“Botox” for hair Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy

A one-step procedure aimed at instant restoration of damaged and weakened hair. “Therapy” consists of one ampoule, designed for 2-4 procedures. The procedure includes washing the head for a deeper penetration of the care into the structure of the hair, actually applying the active composition and thermal effects for a better effect. Care reconstructs damaged areas caused by various chemical and thermal treatments, replenishes moisture deficiency, fills hair with vitamins (E, B3, B5) and ceramides, nutrients and natural oils, removes static electricity and provides an anti-age effect.

The procedure takes about 1.5 hours. After Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy, you can forget about split ends, fluffiness, dull and lifeless hair for an average of 1-2 months. Curls are completely restored, acquire volume and are easy to style. 

For expectant mothers

Самые эффективные процедуры для волос

Kate Hudson

Usually during pregnancy, women have a question related to coloring and hair extensions – is it possible or not? Strictly speaking, there is still no definite opinion on the account of hair coloring during pregnancy: most stylists say that this does not affect the body of the expectant mother and baby in any way, but there are those who overdo it and think otherwise. The most correct solution is to talk about this topic with the supervising doctor: he will certainly help solve the dilemma. In any case, it is better not to change the image radically, since a change in the hormonal background can not only provoke an allergic reaction that would not have happened before, but also lead to unpredictable results of coloring or care – the dye may not “catch on” or keratin care can give a very short-term effect. It will not be the master (or the remedy) who is to blame for this, but the actual organization of the pregnant woman, so it is better to postpone time-consuming and financial manipulations with hair for a while. 

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