The main anti-aging fruit: scientists’ opinion

You may know seasonings or even drinks that have the best effect on health and life expectancy, but do you know about fruits that can delay aging? Recent studies show the effectiveness of one particular product.

Главный фрукт против старения: мнение ученых

Most of the talk about longevity invariably comes down to diet. The press often writes about which tea is preferable for maintaining health, which nuts can help increase life expectancy and which spice centenarians choose most often. But what about fruit? Do you know which ones are more useful than others in terms of a long and healthy life?

You may be surprised and delighted by the simplicity of the answer. It’s an avocado. Yes, avocado is a fruit, and it can help maintain mental acuity and brain health, as evidenced by recent research.

Главный фрукт против старения: мнение ученых

The work of Tufts University, published in the journal Nutrients, summarized the results of a randomized study in which participants ate avocado every day for six months, while other subjects replaced the fruit with either one potato or one cup of chickpeas. At the end of the trial, those who ate avocados had elevated levels of lutein. This pigment is associated with cognitive function and memory.

“This study is very interesting and shows great promise for healthy aging,” says Courtney Bliss, Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, registered nutritionist and owner of Feeding Bliss. —As our population ages and pays more attention to health, this simple dietary supplement can become an important part of nutrition for all ages.”

Главный фрукт против старения: мнение ученых

Nutritionist, Master of Public Health and supplement consultant Trista Best also considers avocado the most useful fruit, explaining this by the amount of magnesium contained in it. “Magnesium is vital for life because it is found in every cell of the body and plays a role in the performance of many body functions,” says Best. “One avocado contains almost 60 milligrams of magnesium, which is 15% of the recommended daily value of this nutrient.”

Best adds that magnesium “works not only in the brain to improve mood and cognitive support, but also outside the brain in blood vessels.” “It acts as a vasodilator that increases blood flow to the brain,” the specialist explains. According to Trista, when it comes to food that increases brain power, foods containing omega-3 are usually in the first place. In addition to magnesium, avocados are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Главный фрукт против старения: мнение ученых

“Approximately 60% of the brain consists of fat, and half of this amount is omega-3 fats,” explains Best. – It has been found that foods rich in omega-3 can help prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and slow down the decline in mental abilities. The brain requires omega-3 fat to form nerve cells, which are vital for memory and a person’s ability to learn.”

So, an anti-aging diet should include avocados. But what can be cooked using this fruit? Guacamole can be recommended as a healthy snack. You can also add avocado to smoothies and even make ice cream out of it. If you want to make a full-fledged dish with avocado, pay attention to the recipes for salads, ceviche and even soups with this fruit.

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