The magic of physiognomy: how to learn to “read” any person’s face

The expression “everything is written on the face” can be considered quite literal, because facial features can tell a lot about your character.

Магия физиогномики: как научиться «читать» любого человека по лицу

Physiognomy is the diagnosis of personality by appearance, primarily by the face. It is believed that physiognomy is one of the most ancient sciences. In China, they say that even one’s fate can be read on a person’s face. Indeed, when evaluating people around us, we often rely on facial expressions. Perhaps that is why we have been forming the belief since childhood that it says a lot about a person’s personality and about his character.

A person talks to the outside world in the language of emotions. At the same time, the more often he experiences this or that emotion, the more it manifests itself on the skin of the face — in the form of wrinkles, creases and other changes. Subsequently, they can tell you quite accurately about your character, inclinations and habits. How exactly — says a family psychologist, founder of the Dating Club “Classic of relationships” Olga Romaniv.

Physiognomists distinguish five “talking” areas of the face: eyebrows, eyes, mouth, nose, ears. 


Proportional eyebrows indicate a balance of emotions, mind and character. Stiff and bristly eyebrows suggest the opposite. Eyebrows can also tell about a person’s relationship with other people: for example, thick heavy eyebrows reflect the desire for dominance, and high-placed ones indicate purposefulness. If the eyebrows with a corner in the middle is a sign of independence and mystery.

Магия физиогномики: как научиться «читать» любого человека по лицу


There is an expression — “eyes are the mirror of the soul”, and it is more than true. Physiognomy confirms that big eyes often speak of sensitivity, courage and a desire for leadership. Small eyes – about constancy, isolation, modesty. The color of the iris can also tell a lot about a person’s character. Black, brown and green give out an energetic nature, blue – sensitive, gray – faithful. If the outer corners of the eye are covered with a network of divergent wrinkles, this is a sign of insight. Slightly different eyes in shape give out a passionate nature in a person.


A long nose is a sign of a pronounced personality. A person with a nose tip resembling a suspended drop is usually cheerful, and if the tip of the nose resembles the beak of an eagle, such a person is shrewd and often cunning. The tip of the nose in the shape of a bulb is a sign of cordiality and warmth. A nose raised with protruding nostrils indicates a self-willed and unrestrained nature, and a forked tip indicates timidity.


Магия физиогномики: как научиться «читать» любого человека по лицу

The thin line of the closed lips speaks of the scrupulousness of the character. A person with a large mouth and falling corners of the lips has a strong will, it is extremely difficult to manipulate them. A small mouth in the shape of an arc gives out a sensitive nature, and bulging lips indicate a desire for success. Symmetrical opening of the mouth without distortions speaks about the balance of emotions .


A well-formed ear speaks of a happy childhood. Large lobes signal wisdom, and slightly protruding ones indicate sincerity. An ear without a well-shaped lobe indicates internal imbalance, and a long lobe indicates carelessness.

During the physiognomic analysis, you can also pay attention to the features of the facial bones, jaw and chin. High and convex brow ridges speak of will and strength. A wide bone and a large chin indicate a strong character, and a sagging lower jaw indicates psychological and physiological problems. A weakly defined chin is a sign of softness of character. Wide cheekbones speak of cunning, a heavy jaw – of passion, often of excessive self-conceit. A high and convex forehead is about intelligence and wisdom.

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