The best lipsticks of Russian brands that will replace foreign ones for you — from matte to glossy

Today, among domestic cosmetic brands, you can find a lot of decent products. We share a selection of the best lipsticks of Russian brands that will become an equivalent replacement for foreign ones.

Лучшие помады российских брендов, которые заменят вам зарубежные — от матовых до глянцевых

The domestic beauty industry is actively moving forward — today there is a huge variety of care and decorative cosmetics on the market, which is in no way inferior to foreign analogues, and new products with improved formulas do not take long to wait. And if Russian creams, serums, masks and other care products have already managed to loudly declare themselves, then decorative cosmetics have not yet gained universal recognition. But in vain!

We suggest starting (or continuing) acquaintance with domestic beauty products with lip care. Cream, matte, lipsticks-pencils and liquid — have collected a selection of the 14 best lipsticks for every taste and budget.

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