The 15 brightest scents for spring: from floral to woody

In spring, the craving for everything beautiful and romantic becomes irresistible, and the world of smells of the newly blooming nature takes your breath away. We succumb to inspiration and choose the perfect fragrance for the most delicate and beautiful time of the year.

15 самых ярких ароматов на весну: от цветочных до древесных

We don’t know about you, but we have already missed the glades with the yellow flowers of mother-and-stepmother, the hot sun and the ringing drop. At this time, the air always smells especially: resin revived from hibernation, damp pieces of wood, smoke from a distant campfire, warm earth and necessarily watermelon.

Do not ask why this is so — we do not know the details of this mysterious process. But we know for sure — it smelled like watermelon, so spring has come finally and irrevocably, despite any cyclones.

And although the view from the window with the number in the calendar has nothing in common, the watermelon is lost somewhere, we still make little tricks and attract the most timid season with suitable flavors. 

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