Stylish guest: what Princess Diana wore at other people’s weddings

Lady Di almost never managed to dress so as not to overshadow the main character of the wedding — the bride. We show what fashionable ensembles the Princess of Wales chose when she went to the celebrations as a guest.

Стильная гостья: что принцесса Диана носила на чужих свадьбах

Many people would like to get a famous royal person on the guest lists for their own wedding: attention to the celebration will definitely be provided. However, there is a great risk that the monarch will instantly outshine the bride, and the whole focus of the evening will shift to the guest star. With Princess Diana, one of the most discussed and photographed persons of the XX century, this happened all the time. Although she chose discreet and low-key outfits, she never managed to remain without attention (even in those moments when she tried to avoid it).

Стильная гостья: что принцесса Диана носила на чужих свадьбах

Diana, Charles, Harry and William at the wedding of Catherine Elizabeth Hussey, May 1989

Over the past few decades, Diana’s outfits – from beach looks to evening looks – have not lost their relevance at all. Moreover, Lady Di’s dresses and suits will be extremely appropriate in the wedding season. In the 80s and 90s, she showed a lot of sets that will look organically not only for those celebrations for which it is customary to dress conservatively, but also for more extraordinary holidays.

Стильная гостья: что принцесса Диана носила на чужих свадьбах

In October 1953, the princess attended the wedding of her former roommate Anna Bolton. Diana tried on a gray striped dress paired with a blouse with ruffles, and completed the look with a felt hat with a silk ribbon.

Стильная гостья: что принцесса Диана носила на чужих свадьбах

A couple of months before the wedding with Charles, Lady Diana Spencer, in the status of the prince’s bride, went to the wedding of Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill. For the celebration, the future princess chose an outfit from Catherine Walker.

Most often, for weddings, Lady Dee preferred skirt suits, which she interpreted in her own way, choosing bright colors and funny patterns. And hats of all stripes were also a mandatory attribute of her image. For inspiration, we suggest turning to the outfits in which Lady Dee appeared at the weddings of her friends, relatives or famous people – from the wedding of Viscount Linley in Windsor to the celebration of her former roommate Anna Bolton.

1/9 For the wedding of her brother Charles Spencer in 1989, Diana chose a laconic milk dress and an elongated jacket in a gray-blue shade.

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