Stop Counting Calories, or the Briff Diet

We tell the main thing about one of the most popular diets in Europe.

Хватит считать калории, или Диета Бриффа

Referring to the latest large—scale research, Dr. Briffa — London’s leading expert on healthy eating and the author of several bestsellers – argues that a diet that limits fats and calories is ineffective and even dangerous. It causes resistance of the body (the level of the stress hormone cortisol increases, which, in turn, weakens the function of insulin and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes) and can provoke weight gain.

In his opinion, the “primitive diet” is much more useful: natural, minimally processed and rich in proteins and fats, to which man has adapted best during evolution. Such a diet helps to reduce insulin levels and maintain a stable blood sugar level: after eating, you feel full and satisfied for a long time and as a result you eat very little during the day. Briffa, by the way, considers the danger of an increase in cholesterol levels to be greatly exaggerated, citing the latest data from cardiologists as proof. He also does not believe in the phenomenon of “emotional hunger”, explaining it by simple physiology: when the blood sugar level drops, we become hungry and angry — and stop controlling ourselves.

Хватит считать калории, или Диета Бриффа

Briffa also advises to always think not about the amount of food, but about its quality, listen to your body (evaluate hunger on a 10-point scale and sit down at the table when it is at 6-7, not 10, so as not to get hysterical all in a row), use small dishes to fit less food there, do not eat in reserve and drink a lot of water. He advises eating more fresh farm meat (bacon and sausages — out!), fish, eggs, nuts, low-starch vegetables and berries.

You can always have a snack with nuts (but it’s better not to keep them in front of your eyes, but to get them out if necessary, because they crunch like chips and it’s hard to stop). Briffa believes that dairy products are not healthy (with the exception of natural yogurt and butter — they are well absorbed by most people). He doesn’t like cereals either—especially wheat. Low—fat foods are evil. And sweets are also harmful (with the exception of dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa). Sweet carbonated drinks, sweeteners and margarine should be forgotten once and for all. If you drink, then red wine and spirits, because there are too many carbohydrates in white wine and beer, which make you fat. In general, the main medical idea is that the insulin level should not jump. And the psychological one is that the process of eating should not be turned into stress, especially since losing weight does not require superhuman efforts. 

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Хватит считать калории, или Диета Бриффа

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