Stellar secrets of perfect hair

How do celebrities manage to demonstrate perfect styling every time? Of course, a lot of credit goes to their stylists. But do not forget about the care, to which they attach great importance. We have collected the most effective star tips for hair care.

Звездные секреты идеальных волос


It’s no secret that gorgeous healthy curls are the pride of any woman, and this standard of beauty was strengthened in our minds many hundreds of years ago (remember the saying “Russian braid to the waist”?). But not everyone can boast of naturally thick hair, saturated with strength and shine, and with a modern lifestyle, poor ecology and eternal stress, even the most chic “braids” risk turning into something unintelligible.

That is why our hair needs constant care. And who, if not always ideal (with rare exceptions that do not escape the keen gaze of the paparazzi) celebrities become the object of imitation for many? After all, their hairstyles are always perfectly styled, and their hair glows with health and beauty. One question: is it really so, or is it just a visual effect obtained through the efforts of highly paid stylists? This should be understood, at the same time understanding the benefits and harms of the procedures recommended by the stars.

Jennifer Aniston: Don’t comb wet hair

Звездные секреты идеальных волос

Jennifer Aniston, who has long settled on the Hollywood Olympus, has always attracted the eye with her hair. Of course, her curls are not insanely long, but what thick! As Jen herself admits, she prefers to take care of her hair without wasting crazy money. The first and most important rule for an actress: do not comb wet hair!

When the hair is wet, it is more elastic and vulnerable. Exposed to the brush teeth, the hair stretches, breaks, becomes thinner. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the curls to dry completely and then comb them carefully, starting the procedure from the tips.

Aniston also reminds that you should not forget about the timely care of the tips. From time to time, the actress cuts them using the technique of hot scissors. By the way, there is a lot of debate about this technique. Someone claims that with constant use, this procedure gives the curls their “original” ideal appearance, while others with foam at the mouth convince that the procedure is completely useless and no different from a regular haircut.

Rihanna: Get into the habit of aroma combing

Звездные секреты идеальных волос

The popular singer has rather stiff hair from birth, however, on the carpet her hairstyle always looks perfect and sparkles like a diamond (well, you understand, right?). The secret of the pop diva is in constant hydration. Spa treatments for hair are not only useful, but also pleasant. And if there is not enough time for full-fledged care, it is worth giving just a few minutes to aroma combing. A little nourishing oil is applied to an ordinary wooden comb (burdock oil is most often used), and then the hair is simply combed. Such a simple ritual gives them extra softness and shine, and at the same time nourishes them well.

By the way, if there was no burdock or other cosmetic oil at hand, ordinary olive oil is perfect. No wonder it is considered a beauty remedy for all times! It seems that olive oil was used to moisturize the skin of the face, hands and body, used internally for a better complexion and, of course, applied to the hair back in the Stone Age.

Nina Dobrev: say no to the hair dryer and curling iron

Звездные секреты идеальных волос

The idol of very young girls, the performer of the main role in the youth series “The Vampire Diaries” and, most importantly for us, the owner of amazing hair. At one glance at the photos of an actress and a model, love happens at first sight. However, not always to their heroine as a whole, periodically – to these perfect hair.

A native of Bulgaria, Nina Dobrev had a luxurious head of hair since childhood, but, due to her chosen profession, her curls were at considerable risk. As the actress herself admits, hair care is very important for her. She practically does not use a hair dryer, straightener, forceps, in general, everything that causes terrible harm. Of course, sometimes you have to resort to such procedures on the set, that’s why Nina is not limited to one simple rule. She prefers to wash her hair no more than 3 times a week, because this procedure is also stressful for the hair, she always uses a keratin rinse and uses a Moroccan oil mask every time.

And indeed, to abandon the fast drying method for every day is a great idea. Of course, in the conditions of living in a megalopolis, it is not always possible to follow this rule, especially in winter, but in this case it is worth at least using thermoprotective oils and sprays that protect the structure of the hair from hot temperatures. For example, L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited, Urban Tribe Iron Shield or more budget versions — Syoss Heat Protect and L’Oreal Elseve extraordinary oil.

Blake Lively: Perfect styling can be harmless

Звездные секреты идеальных волос

The beauty and star of the TV series “Gossip Girl” also tries to do without a hair dryer and other “tools”, but her hair is always perfectly styled in slightly disheveled curls, which have already become the iconic hairstyle of Blake Lively. It turns out that this image is created without much harm to the hair. The actress dries her hair naturally, then wraps thin strands in flagella and fixes them with hairpins at the roots. It remains only to wait until the hair is completely dry. Having dissolved them, you will get natural curls that perfectly hold their shape, which do not even need hairspray.

The most convenient thing is that the degree of coolness of the curls can be adjusted by thickening the volume of strands twisted into flagella. The thicker the strands are— the lighter the waves. Plus, you can come up with a lot of styling options for wavy hair, it’s just up to your imagination!

Jennifer Lopez: Don’t neglect homemade masks

Звездные секреты идеальных волос

Perhaps many would argue that Jay Lo’s real asset is a gorgeous figure or hair. Ever since the days of our favorite movies, we have tirelessly admired the thick mop of hair of a Latin American beauty, envied and wanted the same. The secret of the singer and actress turned out to be very simple. She uses masks of her own preparation. Simply mixes banana, avocado and egg yolks to a puree-like consistency and applies to the head before washing, holds for 20 minutes and rinses off. Avocado contains a lot of vitamins necessary for hair, and the yolk strengthens and restores the structure of the hair. Also with the alluring aroma of banana … However, if avocado is difficult to find in the nearest store, you can replace it with olive or burdock oil. The effect, believe me, will not be worse.

Despite the fact that the mask is natural, the main thing to remember is that you should not be zealous with this matter. Several times a week will be enough, otherwise you risk disrupting the balance of nutrients and achieving only a greasy, not a stunning shine.

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Madonna: eat right

Звездные секреты идеальных волос

This advice, perhaps, is always relevant and for any reason. In her 60s, the singer looks just great, and this applies not only to her figure, but also to her hair, which is constantly being dyed and other “tortures— – yet Madge likes to experiment with her style, especially on the eve of the release of new albums. Everyone knows perfectly well that Madonna is fond of yoga and eats only healthy foods. Because of this, not only her body is in great shape, but her skin ages more slowly, and her hair only gets stronger and stronger.

Hair needs proteins, unsaturated fats and carbohydrates, so if you want to see a lion’s mane in the reflection, be sure to include meat, fish, nuts, legumes and soy in your diet. It is also worth consuming more vitamins, for example, fruits and vegetables.

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