Spoil everyone: the 5 most ridiculous tips from stylists that can not be followed

Every year there are more and more image makers and fashion gurus. Some of them fit the description of infocigan, and someone’s recommendations are simply outdated.

Испортят всех: 5 самых нелепых советов от стилистов, которым нельзя следовать

You won’t meet any contradictions when you want to update your wardrobe: sneakers with a jacket in the office are a bad thing, if the thing is basic, then only white or black, and after trying on the dream dress from Beyonce’s clip, all the relatives burst out laughing and grab the phone. We tell you how not to drive yourself into a narrow fashion framework, preserve your individuality and be reasonable about trends.

Tip 1: “Style is exclusively in brands”

A big name and a price tag with an impressive amount very often overshadow the mind, creating in our head an image of an unconditionally necessary and desired thing by everyone. Remember one thing: style is always valued above trends, so it is reasonable to overpay only for quality. 

Every famous brand has its own DNA and bestsellers that have earned the attention and love of customers for a reason. But it is not necessary to pay exorbitantly for many things from the basic wardrobe, as well as to buy mannequin images indiscriminately and thoughtfully entirely. 

Even if you do not set a goal to save on clothes, in addition to premium brands, it is worth considering alternatives from the mass market — external similarity, the same composition and quality of fabric of less famous analogues will help you save a pleasant part of the budget.

Unexpectedly, a good thing can be found even in a second-hand, stylishly combined and fit into your image so that no one will guess where it comes from. 

Испортят всех: 5 самых нелепых советов от стилистов, которым нельзя следовать

Tip 2: “Unfashionable and inappropriate colors”

Run away from the fashion stylist if you hear the phrase “This color does not suit you!” Each color has a huge palette of shades, any of which does not have to be worn on the face. 

Many are afraid and even consciously avoid bright colors in their image: they choose casual bags and shoes only in black shades, monochrome sweaters, and coats or trench coats — mostly beige. Things of dark and light colors really combine with each other easier than others, but is it worth saying that the fifth gray hoodie and three identical black bags in the wardrobe are obviously a waste of money? People tend to buy monotonous colors only because they are not sure about the choice of others. 

A bright yellow clutch, a crimson jacket, a Very Peri top and a neon scarf under biker boots are not at all a cliche of an urban madwoman (if you don’t put it all on at once). To harmoniously fit an unusual thing into your outfit, there is one win-win life hack — add one eye-catching detail to the usual restrained image: a bag, shoes, jacket or jacket. Do not ignore unusual accessories.

You can and should experiment! If you allow yourself to move away from the established framework, bright things will help not only dilute boring everyday life and set you apart from the crowd, but also raise self-esteem.

Испортят всех: 5 самых нелепых советов от стилистов, которым нельзя следовать

Tip 3: “A guide to types”

It is no longer relevant to divide people by height, color type of eyes or skin in order to find clothes suitable for them in all parameters. Every girl changes constantly: along with mood, external circumstances, hair color and skin tone in different seasons of the year. 

The style of clothing is not consistently one for life: in the morning you can feel like a daring businesswoman in a white silk blouse and pencil skirt, in the evening sing karaoke in a leopard jacket and stiletto boots, and on a day off go to the country with your family and dog in a sports oversize suit. 

This also includes the rule of a complete wardrobe update, following the latest novelties of the season. Trends are too fleeting to completely reshape the wardrobe and lifestyle for them, so you should use the “70 to 30” rule: with each new season, we leave 70% of old things in the wardrobe and add 30% of thematically new ones. 

Испортят всех: 5 самых нелепых советов от стилистов, которым нельзя следовать

Tip 4: “Oversize is fat and contraindicated for short girls” 

The only rule of oversize is to allow only one large-sized thing in your image, otherwise the outfit risks becoming like a dimensionless bag in which you are desperately drowning. 

Girls below 160 cm, just like everyone else, can safely wear larger things. To emphasize your fragility, it is enough to focus on the waist with a belt.

Oversize-cardigan, hoodie, sweaters and hoodies for any height and build of the figure are perfectly combined with a calm bottom: skinny jeans, tight skirts or classic trousers.

Испортят всех: 5 самых нелепых советов от стилистов, которым нельзя следовать

Tip 5: “Throw it away immediately!”

I sincerely do not understand why throw away clothes and accessories in good quality and condition. If the thing has lost its liking, is gathering dust on the hanger and has lost its relevance at this point in time, do not rush to put an end to it. Fashion is cyclical, and every year this process only accelerates, and trends return after a season or two. Just put away what seems outdated to you now, away, and after a while take it out again and boldly combine it within the framework of current trends. 

Every purchase in clothing stores should be evaluated as a long-term investment in your wardrobe. A classic branded bag can maintain a decent appearance and serve properly not even for years, but for decades. Also to be inherited by children.

The ability to be “well dressed” does not depend on fashion trends, the number of clothes and accessories in your closet. Much more important is the sense of taste, the ability to combine things with each other and the presence of at least a small note of individuality in every everyday image. 

Испортят всех: 5 самых нелепых советов от стилистов, которым нельзя следовать

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