Snapped: stars who lost a lot of weight, and then gained weight again

Even for stars, losing weight often turns into a complete fiasco. The most striking examples of celebrities who failed to maintain the achieved results are considered in our material.

Сорвались: звезды, которые сильно похудели, а потом набрали вес снова

Christina Aguilera, Kate Winslet

To maintain their appearance, famous bloggers, singers and actresses are ready to do anything to please their fans with an ideal body and advise new types of diets, fitness directions and dietary supplements. However, swings with a sharp weight loss and a quick return of extra pounds, as you know, do not lead to anything good.

The result of an incorrectly selected diet and strength training can be both insomnia, apathy, nervousness, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system. Together with nutritionist, clinical psychologist, nutritionist, family therapist Anna Ivashkevich, we analyze several “star” diets that showed good results, but after which the weight returned with double force.

Christina Aguilera and the Rainbow Diet

Сорвались: звезды, которые сильно похудели, а потом набрали вес снова

From left to right: 2011 – Kristina noticeably recovered after giving birth; 2013 – the weight of the star fluctuates, a sharp weight loss is replaced by a rather sharp replenishment

A few years ago, the singer was struck by a sharp weight loss – minus more than 30 kg. But the result did not stay with the star for long. The thing is that a balanced diet should be your way of life, not the solution to the problem.

Aguilera reduced weight with a diet based on natural products, sports – strength training, yoga, massage, visiting a cosmetologist. Absolutely all options were used.

The diet that the singer adhered to is called “color”. Its essence is that every day you should eat foods of a certain color. For example, on Monday, only white ones are present in the diet — rice, fermented dairy products, bananas, on Tuesday – a red day, which was accompanied by tomatoes, bell peppers, red fish and further on the list.

There is nothing wrong with this diet, because it includes only the right foods, excludes fast food, snacks, sweets, soda, etc. But most experts have long confirmed that there is no logic in this diet, since you can just as well eat food of any color, but at the same time take into account its caloric content, not the shade.

To Aguilera, her original weight returned due to severe restrictions during the diet, followed by a breakdown. If you want to get rid of extra pounds, it’s worth getting into the habit of eating a balanced diet all the time, and not just one week in two months.

Kate Winslet and an individual approach to weight loss

Сорвались: звезды, которые сильно похудели, а потом набрали вес снова

2004 — after giving birth, Kate could not get in shape for a long time; 2008 — the star lost a lot of weight; 2012 — the actress returned to her original indicators

The Hollywood actress turned to a naturopath for help, who developed for her a personal diet based on the individual characteristics of the body and health. The result is minus 20 kg in 9-10 months. The key principles of this diet are as follows:

  • The diet includes low-calorie foods containing a minimum amount of carbohydrates;

  • You can’t starve;

  • Exclude sweets, pastries, smoked and spicy dishes, salt and sugar;

  • Half an hour before breakfast, drink a glass of water at room temperature;

  • Enabling sports. It can be Pilates, yoga, or classes with a trainer;

  • Intake of B vitamins and calcium.

However, it is important to note that the weight of the actress constantly fluctuates, and he has repeatedly returned to her in full – fans have noticed this more than once during the star’s appearances on red carpets. If you know that you are predisposed to fullness, you should stick to the developed diet throughout your life, but at the same time you should not completely exclude sweets and especially salt.

Firstly, if you are a lover of chocolate or flour, a prolonged refusal of your favorite product can lead to a breakdown. Allow yourself to eat a croissant or a piece of cake, in this case, over time, it will be much easier for you to minimize their use.

Secondly, you can not completely exclude salt from your diet. In the long run, this can lead to certain problems with the body. The statement that salt retains water in the body and causes swelling is not entirely true.

Table salt should be present in your diet in an amount of no more than 5 g per day, since the lack of sodium in the body entails the retention of this element by the body from any food that will come from the outside. Sodium retention leads to water retention – hence the edema.

Mariah Carey and 1200 kcal per day

Сорвались: звезды, которые сильно похудели, а потом набрали вес снова

2017 – Mariah gained more than 100 kg due to stress due to a breakup with her boyfriend, billionaire James Packer; 2018 – the star lost a lot of weight and literally shocked fans with her transformation; 2019 – the singer is gaining weight again

The singer began to actively reduce weight after the birth of children. She gained more than 30 kg. It is important that in this case, too, the diet was developed by a specialist based on the goals and state of Carey’s health. At the beginning, the daily diet contained no more than 1500 kcal, then gradually decreased to 1200 kcal. To this was added training 6 times a week.

The food was divided into 6 meals — the main ones, which included soups, pasta and even pizza, as well as snacks with berries and fruits. Physical exercises were not strength exercises, the emphasis was on cardio – a treadmill, a swimming pool.

It is possible to reduce weight with such a serious approach, besides, it will not come back soon, especially if you continue to exercise and try to stick to your calorie intake of the day.

But with an exhausting schedule, this is not always possible, so over time, the kilograms began to return to Carey back. But it seems that the singer does not care at all, the main thing is how you feel and whether excess weight interferes with your health.

Tyra Banks and the Food Diary

Сорвались: звезды, которые сильно похудели, а потом набрали вес снова

2014 – Tyra is gaining weight; 2015 – the star throws off the gained kilograms; 2016 – gaining them in even greater volume

The model often adhered to a certain diet in order to maintain her figure in the necessary parameters. However, breakdowns and a set of extra pounds did not bring her discomfort — she always proudly replied that she was comfortable at her current weight.

When it was necessary to pull myself together and lose weight, Tyra kept a food diary, where she recorded every meal, including small snacks. This helped the star to keep under control the daily calorie intake and monitor her diet.

The diet was based on the classic ratio of BZHU – 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates and divided into 5-6 meals. Interestingly, at lunch, the model was limited to fruit or cheese, but breakfast and dinner were full.

It was not just a diet that helped Tyra to dramatically reduce her weight, but motivation: the girl argued with her friends who would be able to lose extra pounds faster. But, unfortunately, having achieved the desired result, very often the weight begins to roll back due to the transition to a regular diet without restrictions, without control over its daily calorie content. Alas, this has happened to Tyra—and more than once during her career.

Why did the weight constantly come back and even the most thoughtful diets turned out to be useless?

Firstly, in all these variants, the girls re-gained the dropped kilograms due to stress, irregular schedules, disruptions to sweets and fast food. When this happens once or twice, it’s not scary, you won’t gain 5 kg from one piece of pizza or cake. But in that case, if you stop sticking to your diet and daily calorie intake, the body begins to gain weight again.

Any stress is regarded by the body as an external threat that needs to be dealt with. And usually in this situation, the protection scheme is triggered. The body does not know when it will be able to eat next time because of the stress that has arisen and begins to signal that it needs energy. This is where the constant “snags” arise.

Сорвались: звезды, которые сильно похудели, а потом набрали вес снова

Secondly, creative people are often on a weight swing. You need to lose weight or get better for the role, you need to lose pounds to go on the red carpet — and even if the diet is based on all the individual characteristics of a person, it must always be adhered to, and not only in a certain period of time.

This is a serious stress for the body — in the beginning it is allowed to eat everything, then it is put in the framework. When you get into this cycle of diets and change the types of food every month, the body may stop responding to them and continue to accumulate calories to protect itself.

Thirdly, we do not have available information about the health status of Hollywood stars. To understand the reasons for the frequent “kickbacks” of weight, it is necessary to track all the parameters — vitamins, blood sugar, micro- and macroelements, to pass a list of tests.

Only by drawing up a complete picture, we will be able to understand where you are making a mistake when losing weight. The absence of carbohydrates, sugar and salt does not always help in achieving the goal — problems can hide in absolutely other things that you may not even guess about without consulting a specialist.

Nutritionist, clinical psychologist-nutritionist, member of the Union of the National Association of Clinical Nutrition.

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