Simple beauty life hacks of our moms that help them look younger

Our mothers have a lot of simple and effective methods in stock to maintain well-being and youth. And these life hacks work perfectly at a younger age.

Простые бьюти-лайфхаки наших мам, которые помогают им выглядеть моложе

Over time, the stress of everyday life can begin to affect our appearance and well-being. Fortunately, our moms have accumulated a few simple and effective life hacks to look younger and not slow down. At thirty, at forty, and after fifty, there are moments that may seem discouraging, but taking care of yourself and some discipline can help you cope with the situation.

Pay special attention to hair

Hair is also prone to aging, so it is important to do everything so that it does not look sluggish and lifeless. Learn to pamper them with products that provide additional hydration and protection from damage. Make a fashionable hairstyle that will attract the eye to the most spectacular features of your face. Give up boring ponytails, make fashionable bangs and learn how to use styling tools so that your hairstyle takes your image to another level.

Простые бьюти-лайфхаки наших мам, которые помогают им выглядеть моложе

Take vitamins

As you get older, the body develops a deficiency of certain nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin D. Some complexes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to stay healthy and young. Before taking it, you can consult with your doctor. Also, remember that some drinks are incompatible with taking vitamins, so make sure you’re doing everything right).

Reduce salt intake

Eating too much salt can cause the skin to lose moisture and look older than it really is. In addition, water retention caused by salt can lead to bags under the eyes. To make the skin look young, limit yourself to a volume of 2,300 mg of salt per day or about one teaspoon. Remember that a lot of salt is contained in ready-made dishes and snacks and try to replace them with a healthy homemade alternative, and when cooking, use not only salt, but also herbs that give a similar effect and make the taste of dishes deeper and more memorable.

Простые бьюти-лайфхаки наших мам, которые помогают им выглядеть моложе

Do not forget about proteins

Eating a lot of protein can help your skin, hair and nails look healthy and radiant. A balanced diet containing low-fat proteins, fruits and vegetables will help you look younger and feel more cheerful. Your diet should also consist of healthy fats and cereals .

Sleep well

Depriving the body of sleep is a sure way to make it look older. Lack of sleep also affects the skin, reducing its ability to recover from sun damage. Experts recommend sleeping at least seven to nine hours every night and taking care of the quality of the night’s rest to recover.

Простые бьюти-лайфхаки наших мам, которые помогают им выглядеть моложе

Choose the right underwear

An incorrectly selected bra can ruin the life of any woman, not only not allowing things to sit properly, but also causing back pain. Do not spare money on brafitting — pick up underwear that will please you, and this investment will definitely pay off. Remember that comfort and confidence are extremely important to create an irresistible image.

Do sport

Keeping the body in good shape is another way to reduce the signs of aging and feel better. Regular physical exercises not only improve well-being, but also increase sexual desire, add flexibility and keep the skin young.

Простые бьюти-лайфхаки наших мам, которые помогают им выглядеть моложе

Do massages and beauty treatments

Massage helps to relieve everyday stress and tension, which can prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Well, regular facial treatments help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the face and protect the pores from clogging, so that your skin is young and radiant. And do not forget about the constant moisturizing of the skin of the body and face. Grooming is one of the main enemies of aging.

Take care of your emotions on your own

To look young at 40 in many ways means to have the life you expected and not to experience disappointments. Perhaps you can give up destructive habits and stop shifting responsibility for your happiness to others at an earlier age — it definitely won’t hurt. A tense face and a cramped body are unlikely to provide anyone with a cheerful appearance or well-being. Start taking care of your emotional state, which is always reflected in your appearance. Spend time with friends more often, take time for hobbies and continue to develop.

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