Secrets of cosmetologists: how to make the skin of the body silky (plus the best Russian creams for moisturizing)

We tell you about simple secrets that will help get rid of dry skin, and also share a selection of the best Russian beauty products.

Секреты косметологов: как сделать кожу тела шелковистой (плюс лучшие российские крема для увлажнения)

As a rule, we pay special attention to the skin of the face and hands, but we often forget or ignore the needs of the skin of the body, which causes dryness, a feeling of tightness, peeling, cracks and other troubles that cause discomfort. How to develop a habit of taking care of the skin of the body, as well as what beauty rules and remedies will help get rid of dryness once and for all?

Three main stages

Body skin care consists of three main stages: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. It seems that everything is quite simple, but in reality even the first point is sometimes observed incorrectly. For complete cleansing, it is necessary not only to take a shower on a daily basis, but also to periodically turn to such procedures as dry brush massage, scrub, peeling. They will help get rid of keratinized cells, make the skin smoother, tightened and elastic, and in addition, activate lymphatic processes and help get rid of excess fluid and visual manifestations of cellulite.

Секреты косметологов: как сделать кожу тела шелковистой (плюс лучшие российские крема для увлажнения)

Then comes the turn of hydration and nutrition. Here it is better to focus on your skin type and select products aimed at specific needs. If you are concerned about dry skin of the feet, elbows, knees and other “problem” areas, but in general your skin is of a normal type, try to pick up several products at once that will work in the right direction.


However, the problems, alas, do not end with the choice of means and methods of cleansing and moisturizing the body — as practice shows, very often we simply ignore the needs of the skin due to lack of habit. How to develop it?

  • Choose the right tools and devices for your skin — body care will become more interesting and enjoyable if you have the necessary kit at hand.

  • Make it a rule to moisturize the skin of the body daily — applying the cream on the face, remember that the body also needs care.

  • Regularly arrange spa evenings – take a bath with oils and salt, use a scrub and massage brushes, do wraps. This will not only have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, but also give you pleasant emotions and relaxation.

Care products

However, in the matter of moisturizing the skin of the body, not only habit plays a role, but also properly selected means. We have collected a selection of the 15 best creams, mousses, fluids and body mistes that will relieve you of dryness and discomfort and make your skin velvety, supple and moisturized.

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