Romantic persons: the most beautiful royal jewelry in the shape of hearts

Sometimes royals allow themselves to show tender feelings with the help of romantic jewelry in the shape of hearts that are unusual for them. We tell about special occasions when Elizabeth II, Duchesses Camilla and Kate, Princess Diana and others showed their romantic side.

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

Members of the royal dynasty choose romantic heart-shaped jewelry not so often. Perhaps their main fan could be called Wallis Simpson. And this is not surprising: in the end, it was the love of Edward VIII and a divorced American woman that determined not only the couple’s life, but also the course of history, up to the abdication of the king from the throne in 1936 and the reign of George VI and his descendants. As you know, the Duke of Windsor showered his beloved with treasures so bright and dazzling that they became known as “alternative crown jewels”. Among them is a heart-shaped brooch inlaid with diamonds and rubies with the initials W and E, decorated with emeralds, and a magnificent necklace of amethysts, diamonds and turquoise, bizarrely echoing one of the ornaments of Wallis’ daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, also known as the Queen Mother.

Queen Victoria was also known for wearing a charm bracelet, including nine enamel medallions in the shape of hearts, symbolizing her children. The foundation itself, of course, was donated by her husband Albert.

And today, romance in the royal family is still alive. From the democratic costume jewelry of the Princess of Wales and the modern jewelry of the Duchess of Cambridge to the family heirlooms worn by Elizabeth II and Duchess Camilla, the Windsors still express tender feelings with the help of romantic symbols. We will consider the most famous of such cases.

Cullinan V Brooch

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

Elizabeth II wearing a Cullinane V brooch at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, October 12, 2018

The Cullinan V brooch is definitely the most valuable piece of the royal treasury in the shape of a heart. The stone is part of the largest diamond in the world, the “Star of Africa”, found in 1905 and named after the owner of the mine, Thomas Cullinan. The first owner of it among the Windsors was Queen Mary, and now her granddaughter likes to wear the brooch. Resembling a heart in shape, Cullinan V is placed in a removable platinum frame with diamonds surrounding it like a monogram. From time to time, Elizabeth II uses this brooch for romantic reasons — for example, she complements her pale blue ensemble at the wedding of her granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, or a dress with a floral pattern on a joint portrait with her husband, which the palace published for the 99th anniversary of Prince Philip.

Queen Mother’s Amethyst Necklace

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

Duchess Camilla at the premiere of the James Bond film at the Royal Albert Hall, October 23, 2012

The Duchess of Cornwall liked the atypical form for royal jewelry, who demonstrated a necklace with a purple heart at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2012. This is part of an amethyst set that was presented to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who was married to the future King George in 1923, by Queen Alexandra in honor of the wedding. The Dowager Queen provided a present to the future queen with a note: “To my dear future granddaughter Elizabeth from her [gentle] grandmother.” As you know, Camilla especially appreciates the jewelry that belonged to her husband’s beloved grandmother.

Diana Tiffany & Co Earrings

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

During a visit to Australia in January 1988, the Princess of Wales was seen wearing Tiffany earrings & Co with blue hearts framed in yellow metal. It was believed that it was a gift from the president of the jewelry company Rosa Monckton. Diana was seen in them only once more – in the same year, during a polo match.

Megan Adina Reyter Miniature Pendant

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan visit the University of Chichester during their visit to Sussex, October 3, 2018

During the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Pacific tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand in 2018, Meghan wore a small necklace with a diamond heart-shaped pavé from Los Angeles designer Adina Reuter. It looks like the Duchess was wearing it during a visit to the University of Chichester in Sussex. It is still on sale on the Adina Reyter website, it costs almost $ 700.

Diana’s Earrings from Butler & Wilson

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

Princess Diana in faux pearl earrings returns to London from Frankfurt, April 1985

There are not so many jewelry pieces in the shape of hearts in royal caskets. So the Princess of Wales often bought romantic jewelry in democratic stores like Butler & Wilson . The proximity of artificial pearls with real ones did not bother the princess at all.

Kate Kiki McDonough Earrings

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

The Duchess of Cambridge inspects a training aircraft during a visit to Royal Air Force cadets in Wittering, Stamford, England, February 14, 2017

The Duchess of Cambridge is a real queen of special occasions. She wore delicate heart-shaped earrings during a visit held on Valentine’s Day in 2017. Kate visited the Royal Air Force cadets in Wittering and was dressed discreetly, choosing a red Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini blazer, black turtleneck, trousers and gloves, but flirty Kiki McDonough earrings with miniature hearts still hinted at a romantic date, although when the Duchess let down her hair, they were not visible. Catherine was seen wearing the same decoration several more times, including during the regatta in 2019. Kiki McDonough is one of her favorite jewelry brands (read: “Duchess Jewels: Kate Middleton’s Favorite Jewelry Brands”).

Wallis Sartier Necklace with amethysts and Turquoise

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

In the arsenal of the Duchess of Windsor there were so many luxurious jewelry that later not only the main Hollywood stars, but also the Windsors themselves chased after them. Among the heart-shaped jewelry presented to Wallis by the former King of Britain, it is worth mentioning the Sartier brooch, studded with diamonds, on which the initials of the lovers were laid out in emeralds — W and E. Also noteworthy is the Indian-style necklace ordered by Edward in 1947. In addition to diamonds, jewelers used two of Wallis’ favorite stones – turquoise and amethysts – so the decoration turned out to be bright. As in the aforementioned Queen Mother necklace, one of the amethysts was cut in the shape of a heart.

Princess Diana’s Necklace

Романтичные особы: самые красивые королевские украшения в форме сердец

The Princess of Wales meets the public, Edmonton, London, July 3, 1990

Princess Diana has worn this necklace with a heart based on yellow metal several times, including on foreign trips. Welsh was seen in it both on a tour of Canada in 1983, and in British Edmonton in 1990. Due to its compactness, it looked great in both daytime and evening sets.

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