“Rings of Venus”: how to get rid of wrinkles and creases on the neck

We are figuring out how to deal with signs of aging on the neck and what osteopathy has to do with it.

«Кольца Венеры»: как избавиться от морщин и складок на шее

The age of a tree is determined by the number of rings, and this is very similar to a person, because it is the neck that gives out our age the easiest: the more rings and wrinkles in this area, the older a person looks. And, unfortunately, they can be seen with the naked eye. But is it just about age?

Who is to blame

In this matter, it is very important to look for the root cause, because you will have to work not with symptoms, but with the original cause of the deformation. And for this you need to “go” to childhood. We think many people know such a name as “doll neck”. This syndrome occurs when a baby receives a birth injury and a cervical injury. Because of this, the neck muscles create a protective tension to reduce pain: as a result, the child’s neck shortens, the head seems to be attached to the trunk, and a ring appears between them. 

If this problem is not eliminated at an early age, the symptom will remain with the person for life. In addition, a visually short neck may be a consequence of acquired injuries, due to which the bones of the skull are displaced and acquire an incorrect position. The neck is forced to adjust in order to support the head due to constant muscle tension. Externally, this is manifested in characteristic wrinkles and rings.

«Кольца Венеры»: как избавиться от морщин и складок на шее

And about other reasons

Of course, among the factors of the formation of rings on the neck, there may be not only injury, but also other reasons that should be borne in mind:

  • Incorrect posture.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Overexertion during exercise in the gym.
  • Constant sitting with your head down (while using gadgets).
  • Weakening of connective tissue.

All this also affects the condition of the neck and worsens its appearance.

Starting a conversation about solving the problem, it should be noted right away that creams, serums and other cosmetics do not solve the problem of rings on the neck. “Beauty injections” give only a temporary effect. And this is easily explained: care products and injections affect external symptoms, but do not eliminate the consequences of injuries themselves.

«Кольца Венеры»: как избавиться от морщин и складок на шее

How to get rid of the rings on your neck?

1. Osteopathic treatment

Work with the appearance should begin with the elimination of the consequences of birth and acquired injuries. Only then will the effect of cosmetics, beauty injections and other procedures be long-lasting. To begin with, it is necessary to restore the position of the skull bones, adjust blood flow, and also relieve tension from the neck muscles. Only an osteopath can do all this work.

2. Independent work

It includes general physical activity and exercises that can be performed at home to enhance the effect of osteopathic treatment. The neck is part of the whole body, and if the body works better, the neck looks better. In combination with cosmetology, all this gives a good and long-term result. Especially recommended:

  • Yoga under the guidance of an experienced instructor
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Walking
  • Swimming is a very useful and safe load
  • Exercises for stretching the neck muscles and relieving tension


The cervical region is a delicate area. Do all the exercises described below slowly and very carefully!

«Кольца Венеры»: как избавиться от морщин и складок на шее

Stretching exercise

To relax the muscles, they need to be stretched. In the standing position (arms lowered), pull one arm down and tilt your head in the opposite direction. Focus specifically on the arm pull.

We continue to pull the hand down and slowly turn and slightly tilt the head in different directions (keeping the general direction in the opposite direction from the hand) — this is how we work out all the muscle fibers.

Now we do the same from the opposite side. When we have performed stretching on the left and right, we work out the front surface of the neck: we pull both hands down, chin up.

Exercise “Top”

An excellent exercise for relaxing the shoulder girdle. With your right hand, grab the muscles of the upper arm from the opposite (left) side and work them out with short but active pinches.

Now do the same with your left hand on the right side. Then grab the back of the neck with your palm and repeat the manipulation.

If there are painful sensations, do not worry. They will pass over time. The exercise itself is completely safe, since you do not make dangerous neck movements with a large amplitude.

Neck relaxation exercise “Leech”

Put your palm on the back of the neck from the opposite side and stick to it as if. Pull your hand in your direction. At the same time, the palm should remain as if “stuck” to the neck in order to pull the skin and muscles and squeeze them.

Now move your palm a little higher and perform the movement in the same direction. This is necessary in order to properly work out every centimeter of the surface.

With the other hand, gently, but with effort, in the same way, rinse the surface of the neck from the other side.

Exercise “Crane’s neck”

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent. The pelvis is slightly turned forward, the back is straight. Hands are hanging freely.

Slowly perform circular movements with your head in the sagittal plane (this is a vertical plane that divides the body into right and left halves). The movement is like a whip: the head moves forward, while the face retains an upright position. When the extreme anterior point is reached, the neck bends and the head bends forward.

Next, the head moves to the trunk, maintaining a bent position. Then we straighten the neck, vertebra by vertebra. The head assumes its original vertical position.

Such a movement is made by a crane when it drinks water. During the exercise, the body should be as relaxed as possible.

Exercise “Turtle neck”

Starting position: the same as when performing the Crane Neck exercise. Perform the movement as in the previous exercise, but in the opposite direction. A similar movement is made by a turtle when it sticks its head out of the water.


Always watch your posture, how you sit at work, at what level the monitor is located. Do not lower your head when using the phone — raise it to eye level so that the head remains in an even position.

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«Кольца Венеры»: как избавиться от морщин и складок на шее

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