Rhinestones, French, monograms: 7 main anti-trends in manicure

We found out which prints, colors and designs are more unworthy of your hands.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре

It’s easy to follow trends in clothing and accessories — just look through fashion magazines or watch a report from Fashion Week. But with a manicure, everything is a little more complicated. Nails are an important part of the image, and outdated design harms the image no less than an out—of-fashion dress. Together with Irina Erikson, the author of the channel in Yandex.Zen, we are studying what does not belong on your nails this summer.

Colored holes

Once this design technique was considered a bold innovation. With his appearance, the girls began to actively emphasize the growth area of the nail plate in a variety of colors. Such a manicure was even nicknamed appropriately — “lunar”. Now the division of the nail into two halves is no longer relevant — this trend is in the past.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре

Broken glass

If the master offers to try the “latest novelty” — manicure in the style of “broken glass” — this is an excuse to find another specialist. The fashion for such a style passed five years ago, although in some places in salons it is mistakenly considered modern. At the same time, the master will work on a difficult design for a long time, and you will have to pay a lot for it. Instead of throwing money away, it’s better to turn to more recent trends.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре

Knitting on nails

This design was relevant in the cold season, but the key word in this sentence is “was”. Today, “knitted” nails with visual insulation are a clear sign that their owner is behind the times.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре


Various complications and excess decor are a thing of the past, not only in clothes. The drawings in the manicure have also become simpler and, one might say, almost disappeared. The abundance of squiggles, fancy colors, fancy curls, dots and loops looks impressive, but such sophisticated nail designs have long been out of trend, and among professionals they are considered a sign of bad taste.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре


Along with the previous design, advanced manicure masters also abandoned the cobweb. A tangle of tangled threads looks carelessly on the nails and, frankly, does not color their appearance at all.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре


No girl wants to look older than her age. But for some reason, many subconsciously strive to add a few years to themselves when they make out nails. The abundance of rhinestones is a direct reference to the glamour of the 2000s, which does not fit in with modern laconic and restrained trends.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре

Classic French

Don’t worry, French manicure has not gone away — it remains an off-season classic of nail design. But even it changes its forms to match the spirit of the times. Instead of a pink-and-white combination with a typical stripe, a colored jacket has long come, as well as a design with geometry along the edge of the nail.

Стразы, френч, вензеля: 7 главных антитрендов в маникюре

Why should we avoid overkill with design?

When a manicure master lays out displays with various designs in front of a client, it is difficult to resist: a riot of colors, graphics, waves, rhinestones, and stucco work are used. Although at first glance it may seem the epitome of splendor and luxury, such a bust with the design is complete tastelessness.

Of course, in summer you want cheerful and active colors in the image. But only a good master will help you choose a bright varnish, preserving the naturalness of the image. To impress others with splint “dorogobogatstvo” on the nails — it is better to leave this tactic in the past.

If you definitely want to make an expressive accent, it is enough to highlight one or two fingers. You can play with other trends in manicure. For example, the fashion includes a different shape of nails on the fingers, as well as different colors of varnish on the right and left hand.

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