Quiz: Which lipstick is perfect for you?

At first glance, choosing a lipstick seems like a simple matter, but in fact everything turns out to be not so simple. You can protect yourself from unsuccessful beauty purchases by answering a few questions of our test and determining which lipstick will exactly decorate your image.

Тест: какая помада вам идеально подходит?

Lipstick can both become a bright highlight of a beauty image, favorably emphasizing its advantages, and completely deprive it of charm if the shade and texture are chosen incorrectly. Moreover, the choice of a suitable stick is influenced not only by the features of appearance, but also by your stylistic preferences and current make-up trends. After passing our test, you will be able to easily navigate among the beauty novelties and, going shopping, know for sure which lipstick is worth taking and which is better to avoid.


Quiz: with which lipstick will you look flawless?

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Your facial features…

Large, expressive.

Average, all zones are proportionally expressed.

Small (thin lips, small eyes).

I find it difficult to answer.

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