Quiz: Do you have your own style?

Can you collect images yourself or do you need to follow what bloggers and glossy magazines say? Take our test and find out.

Тест: есть ли у вас собственный стиль?

Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian — what unites these three girls? Not only that they are insanely rich and famous, but also the fact that many consider them modern style icons. But each of them has their own wardrobe. The components of fashionistas’ outfits may overlap, but there are literally several things that make it safe to say which of the three celebrities they belong to. Each of them has its own style. Today we are trying to figure out if you have it too.


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By what principle do you collect everyday images?

According to the principle of mood and weather: if the sun is outside and the weather is warm, then I wear bright and feminine things, and if it’s cloudy and cold — dark, more closed and comfortable.

I am trying to repeat the images of my favorite bloggers and celebrities, which I have long saved in my mudboard.

I wear almost the same thing every day, since I have long understood which things and their combinations suit me the most.

I’m trying to find inspiration on the Internet or magazines. I am constantly tormented by the fact that I do not know what to wear or how to combine things with each other.

I try to follow all the main trends from the podium.

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